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RECRUIT. A newly made soldier.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Major General Sohail Aziz reviewed the parade in which 262 passing out recruits participated, an ISPR press release said.
Madam Afful gave the breakdowns as 2000 youths recruited under the Community Protection Police (CPA's), 400 as youth in sports and 310 recruited as youth in Arabic who teach Arabic in schools that require their services as well as 4000 people recruited under the sanitation module.
In other words, over half (53%) of all European enterprises that recruited or tried to recruit ICT specialists had difficulties in filling these vacancies.
Considering that the majority of Filipinos are classified in the lower income classes, most will likely resort to selling products using credit lines or investing in low capital businesses, such as multilevel marketing (MLM), a legitimate and innovative type of direct selling where one is compensated not just for personal sales but also for the sales of direct recruits as well as indirect recruits (those recruited by direct recruits) after meeting the qualifying sales volume of their company.
Addressing the parade, Maj Gen Abid asked the recruits to keep themselves well drilled and skilled to be professionally competent.
According to a report in the daily ( San Diego Union-Tribune , the Marine recruit was taken to an unnamed off-base hospital Friday after he was given the CPR for an indeterminate "medical emergency." 
Subjects and Methods: All recruits belonging to one training centre who were admitted in the hospital for any disease were included in the study.
Properly approach: As you reach out to a potential recruit, have your script ready to accomplish the main objective--to get the appointment.
Communities sending recruits to train at the Worcester Police Department's academy will pay $3,000 for one recruit.
The Cadet Command selectively recruits the highest quality future ANC officers from throughout the country.
The Corporate Recruiting Partnership enables NAVFAC to recruit as one corporation while retaining diversity of opportunities and localized distinctions.