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To recruit and train volunteers for a peer-support group program for over 120 people with visual impairments in small and rural communities.
In late November, I will send out around 300 Christmas cards to all top recruits from JUCO and high schools and wish them the best for the New Year.
gt;From January through April, Operations Center personnel assisted about 4,000 recruits and will probably assist around 11,000 before the year is over.
He divided recruits into two groups and then asked for volunteers to pose as gay men or lesbians.
Aside from posting job ads and optimizing your Web site, other online resources are available to help you effectively recruit staff.
Last summer when the new recruits reported to their new jobs at a large marquee-name hospital, they were sent through an orientation program.
This short lesson plan includes how to help the recruit get acclimated to their new environment.
We shouldn't recruit only those from the minority communities who have been fully assimilated into the majority culture.
When a tax-exempt hospital recruits a medical staff physician who will provide services to members of the surrounding community (but not necessarily for or on behalf of the organization), a somewhat different analysis must be applied.
Too often, firms seeking to recruit accountants execute a generic recruiting program without taking into consideration differences in the way they are perceived on campus.
evaluated all deaths occurring among the 2 million enlisted recruits receiving basic training in the U.