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Recruitable Community Coordinator, West Virginia Division of Rural Health & Recruitment
Severity of single-vessel coronary arterial stenosis and duration of angina as determinants of recruitable collateral vessels during balloon angioplasty occlusion.
Neither the crunches nor the push-ups would pass muster in a Marine barracks; on the other hand, my body isn't recruitable anymore either.
Morgan is now a recruitable student athlete, and UCLA could only confirm if it is recruiting him.
In each household, the youngest recruitable child in the target age cohort was selected.
The "surplus" silence of Austen's third person narrative puts the reality effect of the epistolary novel (its refusal to adjudicate between its characters' writings) to a new use: "[By] no longer serving the 'real' in the way that unwritten language had done previously, Austen's silence--a residual but profoundly functional silence in her case--was recruitable to other uses.
These relations can be understood on the background of experimental data showing that an intermediate state of neuronal activation is a precondition for the generation of paroxysmal depolarization shifts, whereas a hyperpolarized neuron will remain sub threshold, and a depolarized neuron that already produces action potentials is not recruitable for other activity.
We went through a number of different designs and got input from focus groups of recruitable people, and this was the design that best conveyed the message we were trying to get out.
There exists a potential workforce that is recruitable.
They're not recruitable in the same way that state actors and officials used to be.
Telecommunications availability and support is readily available and the technical and management expertise necessary to operate a successful center is available or easily recruitable due to the great quality of life in the area.