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RECRUIT. A newly made soldier.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Saudi Arabia is in first place in terms of recruitment of Tunisian skills with 247 guest workers, followed by Qatar with 197 people recruited.
'There were no appointment letters for the recruited beneficiaries, no monitoring mechanism to check the work of the beneficiaries and the service provider and the GhS100.00 monthly allowance was unacceptable'.
Some 44% of large EU enterprises recruited or tried to recruit personnel for jobs requiring specialist ICT skills, that is more than 5 times the proportion reported by small and medium sized enterprises (8 %).
According to the same source, Saudi Arabia is in first position in the hiring of Tunisian skills with 836 guest workers, followed by the United Arab Emirates with 432 recruited and Qatar with 414 recruited.
Likewise, 90 trainee engineers were to be recruited but the number has exceeded to 115 resulting a loss of Rs 13 million.
An investigation of the prevalence of depressive symptoms in newly recruited young adult men in Turkey.
“By combining these two leaders in recruiting experience and technology, we are able to dramatically increase our players' chance of success in getting recruited.”
May Totals: 232 new members recruited by 102 individuals 205 new members recruited by 107 chapters
In addition, when the Enrollment management team is contemplating a change to awarding strategies, it is critical that they consider how subpopulations--like recruited athletes--will be affected.
With his youthful smile and baggy clothes, Paredes, who is Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican, still looks like he'd blend into the hallways where he was recruited when he was a high school senior in the Bronx.
Although we do not recruit for the Army National Guard, it recruited an additional 49,000 Soldiers.
(If not for the National Letter of Intent program, a student could find his or her scholarship taken by a more highly recruited student only weeks or days before classes begin.)