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RECRUIT. A newly made soldier.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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*The physicians do not have a substantial influence over the affairs of the hospital recruiting them.
Another newsletter, CEO Job Opportunities Update, covers the higher end of the market by providing a free recruiting service to organizations seeking to fill jobs compensating $50,000 or more.
For example, the library school that concentrates on recruiting generalists for training as academic or public librarians will probably not have too many viable candidates for positions as reference librarians/online searchers in an industrial (e.g., chemical or food) manufacturing company.
"Since the command chief nominates the Airman it will benefit recruiting service since the local wing will have buy-in with the recruiting force," Zwelling said.
BeTheBeast Recruiting offers the industry's most comprehensive offline and online college sports recruiting solution.
Over the past year, my organization has led recruiting workshops for managers with incredible success and has perfected the formula for recruiting a quality sales force.
The company said TalentVine has been upgraded to include six new modules that can work separately or together to power social recruiting campaigns, enabling HR professionals to automate every component of a social recruiting campaign, from job posts on Facebook and Twitter to fully integrated talent communities and social referral programmes.
The impact of how we do precision recruiting is going to have second and third order effects from the point of injury ...
Personnel assigned to the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan CJ-l's recruiting advisor team (RAT) are assisting the ANSF as it attempts to recruit more volunteers and re-contract a higher percentage of its eligible personnel to meet the ANSF's growth goals.
Recruiting maids from Kenya and Ethiopia requires long time and huge amounts of money.
The Corporate Recruiting Partnership team oversees NAVFAC's recruitment and hiring efforts.
Once the coach has made his evaluation, he must decide what areas he wants to focus on in recruiting.