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Therapeutic exercise in the reduction of diastasis recti have been promoted in a number of studies.
Other researches on the treatment of diastasis recti range from "doing nothing' to the surgical correction of this condition.
Noble 12 set the standard in the rehabilitation of a diastasis recti with the development of a specific muscle re-education exercise to reduce or correct diastasis recti.
18 Combined effect of Noble's exercise and abdominal binders has received little attention, thus, the purpose of this study was to highlight the efficacy of therapeutic exercise in the reduction of diastasis recti.
The researcher measures for a diastasis recti by placing her fingers horizontally across the linea alba and determine how many fingers fit in the space between the medial borders of the two rectus abdominis.
This could be related to the approximation of the recti muscles during the exercise in the present study.
This study found closure of diastasis of the recti muscles, it suggests that abdominal binding during exercise could be successful for the reduction of DR.
Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments need to routinely assess for diastasis recti postpartum and patients diagnosed to have diastasis recti should be referred for physiotherapy for management.
Most researches have reported the effect of exercise on diastasis recti in pregnant women.
The Effects of an exercise program on diastasis recti abdominis in pregnant women.
Prevalence of diastasis recti abdominis in a urogynecological patient population.
Diastasis recti pregnancy: Postpartum exercise-what to do - what not to do.