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This conclusion about the earth-bound character of theology is momentous because it undermines the most basic assumption behind the attempts to replace the so-called Ptolemaic theology, the assumption that theological absolutism or home-centeredness is a historical accident or a rectifiable moral flaw.
It doesn't matter because imperfections are perfectly rectifiable.
Instead, the failure to reduce the supply of illicit drugs has invariably been explained as a consequence of rectifiable technical and implementation failures.
It is unclear from Buchel when rectifiable errors in construction would become integrity violations.
She concludes: "Feminist scholars must be willing to think of feminism's history and futurity as not that which is waiting to be discovered, made intelligible, and definitely not rectifiable but as a project that is necessarily immersed in .
The rapid spread of rumor is one challenge, but there are surely more fundamental and less rectifiable implications to deliberative speediness.
on curricula and professional outlets), or rather, an information-cognitive deficit is something fairly easily rectifiable, the same can not be said when referring to difficulties of an affective and motivational nature.
is said to be rectifiable if its length is finite, and a shortest path if its length is minimal among curves with the same endpoint, that is, L([[gamma].
The buyer should beware, however, that practically every page of the review copy I received contains some combination of easily rectifiable typographical or factual errors.
X,d]([gamma]) : [gamma] [subset] E is a rectifiable curve joining z and w} [greater than or equal to] d(z,w).
We've been told by two sets of local repair firms that the problem with our far-from-cheap fridge freezer may or may not be rectifiable.