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That was an error to which I was accustomed and which it was not my habit to rectify unless the matter seemed important.
As Ernest said, all that was the matter with him was that he had incorrect notions of biology and sociology, and because of his incorrect notions he had not gone about it in the right way to rectify matters.
roared an energetic voice, "let us unite our efforts, invent the necessary machines, and rectify the earth's axis
And is it not, therefore, to every one's interest to rectify them in the long run?
I wonder what she can see to like in me though, for I am no longer the happy, lively girl I used to be; but she has no other society, save that of her uncongenial mother, and her governess (as artificial and conventional a person as that prudent mother could procure to rectify the pupil's natural qualities), and, now and then, her subdued, quiet sister.
We had been romping with the little creatures, almost as merry and wild as themselves, and now paused in the shade of the tall copper beech, to recover breath and rectify our hair, disordered by the rough play and the frolicsome breeze, while they toddled together along the broad, sunny walk; my Arthur supporting the feebler steps of her little Helen, and sagaciously pointing out to her the brightest beauties of the border as they passed, with semi-articulate prattle, that did as well for her as any other mode of discourse.
She had accordingly gone downstairs again to rectify her error.
Regard to my family hath made me take upon myself to be the mediating power, in order to rectify those mistakes in policy which you have committed in your daughter's education.
HYDERABAD -- A 30-year old poor lady has demanded of HECSCO authorities to rectify her inflated bill as she can not afford to pay huge amount of Rs 50,000.
Ford India to rectify faulty rear twist beam bolt, which is part of the suspension
Are the builders legally bound to rectify these faults?
45pm SOUTH AFRICA v SAMOA Springboks skipper Jean de Villiers has told his South Africa troops they have a duty to their countrymen to rectify the nightmare World Cup loss to Japan.