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I have requested in many articles to cancel the sponsorship requirement and I am requesting again in this article as without canceling it we will need many rectifying campaigns in the future as visa traders will continue their business and the chaos will happen again and if we continue to blame the expatriates for the mess we are only deluding ourselves and failing to deal with the root cause of the problem.
Gopi Sir (Pullela Gopichand) has groomed Sindhu really well, and now, he will work towards rectifying her mistakes and more practice so that she performs even better in the upcoming tournaments," she added.
President said filing of reference is aimed at rectifying the history.
He said the manager had entrusted someone in the company with rectifying the status of the worker at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs.
Human-assisted support has traditionally provided a higher quality of customer service than machine-assisted support, but it is far more expensive due to labor costs such as high turnover rates, training expenditures and rectifying human errors.
Betts also believes speed is of the essence in rectifying problems that can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
THE Old Rectifying House's facelift is apparent everywhere - from the white-boarded ceiling and enormous wooden-clad bar, to the comfy leather sofas and miniature plant pots on the tables.
Which is more than can be said for the Dome (pounds 1000m and still rising); Millennium bridge, which was closed after one day so more millions could be spent on rectifying a problem which should have been apparent in the first place; not to mention the Diana fountain, which is costing even more to rectify.
Their aggressive expansions during the 1994 bond market dislocation, the 1998 Long-Term Capital Management debacle, the 1999 Y2K scare, and the tumultuous 2000-2002 period were certainly invaluable in rectifying jeopardous market conditions.