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Perhaps the German insistence on rectitude is right, although not in a sense that German officials will necessarily appreciate.
The late Lassaad Ben Osman "was an example of rectitude and honesty.
The Islamist movementthe case at handgot its start in Egypt circa in 1930 in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood, as a puritanical religious campaign devoted to the encouragement of rectitude; and rectitude is all that some people notice about Islamists today.
Bennani's exemplary career at the service of his King and homeland during decades, and which stands as a model of devotion and rectitude, the release adds.
Recruits could not always reconcile the contradiction between the demand for unconditional faith in the rectitude of the party and its own failings, between legal guarantees of religious freedom and its practical suppression.
May this festival lead us onto the path of moral and ethical rectitude and usher in a new era of unity and fellowship," the President said.
The Shura Council accentuated that such unlawful acts have nothing to do with democracy and are tantamount to an attempt to suppress differing opinions and this constitutes a breach of religious values, tolerance and rectitude which characterize the people of Bahrain, moral ethics, brotherliness.
Justice represents moral rectitude and fairness and can only be achieved when we are determined to apply it in every field of individual and collective life, he added.
OUP's Managing Director, AmeenaSaiyid referred to Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed as a model of rectitude and intelligence and said that his association with the human rights bodies defined his personality as a humanitarian and jurist.
Fraud is always serious, but it is especially alarming when, as alleged here, it is committed by professionals who are supposed to be gatekeepers responsible for ensuring financial rectitude," said Preet Bharara, Manhattan U.
To the author Becket died essentially to protect the rights and privileges of the cathedral and monastery at Canterbury and while he appears doubtful as to Becket's status as a true martyr, he does acknowledge his bravery and ultimate rectitude.
of Prishtina, Kosovo) presents a holistic understanding of development that goes beyond mere economic growth and instead seeks to optimize access by all human beings to: power, wealth, well-being, affection, enlightenment, skill, respect, and rectitude.