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RECTOR, Eccl. law. One who rules or governs a name given to certain officers of the Roman church. Dict. Canonique, h.v.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Saturday 30 August 2014 UPJS Rectorate and Campus, Srobdrova 2
Having started in October 2010, Kim presented the Macsabal kiln project to the University Rectorate and they promised support.
It has been imposing, as when he turned the 1995 Venice Biennale into a rectorate address on the history of the imaging of the body in the twentieth century.
Nonetheless, while Heidegger's entanglement with Nazism, and the Hitler-state, was an indisputable part of his rectorate, it does not exhaust it.
He added that the President University rectorate seriously supports the archery club financially as well as the provision of equipment and trainers.
They were welcomed by the rectorate of GUtech and the heads of all academic departments as well as the International Office.
Official signing of the Agreement on Academic Cooperation between the University of Sarajevo and the Matej Bel University in Slovakia was held today at the Rectorate of the University of Sarajevo.
The exhibition which is being held at rectorate building of the yTE[pounds sterling], will be opened for a month.
On Monday, tensions were running high in front of the university rectorate building, as scuffles broke out between supporters of the occupation and those demanding the right to study.
Docent Agron Reka and a group of people stormed into the Rectorate of the Tetovo State University last week in an attempt to take control of the university, just like former Rector Sadi Bexheti came to power in the Tetovo State University a few years ago.
Organized around a basic H-shaped plan, the rectorate is an emphatically horizontal volume enclosed by low, white stucco walls with plinths of honey-coloured stone.