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RECTOR, Eccl. law. One who rules or governs a name given to certain officers of the Roman church. Dict. Canonique, h.v.

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Saturday 30 August 2014 UPJS Rectorate and Campus, Srobdrova 2
Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics Department, where Ozgundogdu and I teach, invited him as a university lecturer for one year and after that this period is extended to two years by the university rectorate.
Can you claim that the organization and the rectorate didn't receive adequate information?
A rector was also to have the use of a suitable rectorate, as well as appropriate outbuildings for agricultural purposes and a plantation or farm, called a glebe, of at least 200 acres.
Given the subtlety of what the book sets our to do, it succeeds, Maier-Katkin also illuminates academic life in Germany before and while the Nazis came to power, including the complexities of Heidegger's Rectorate.
The report's authors mainly cited the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI), the Di rectorate General for Administrative, Judicial, Property and Share Revenues (DGR A D), the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGDA) and the Congolese Offic e for Control (OCC).
ISTANBUL, Jul 27, 2010 (TUR) -- Cornelia Pieper, Minister of State at German Federal Foreign Office, visited on Tuesday the temporary rectorate building of Turkish-German University which will be constructed in Istanbul.
Ilves also met with the Rectorate of the Catholic University of Lublin and placed flowers at the memorial of John Paul II and Cardinal Wyszynski.
Stankunas has been the director of the VGTU Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute and a member of the VGTU Rectorate, and since 1996 he has been a member of the VGTU Council.
Docent Agron Reka and a group of people stormed into the Rectorate of the Tetovo State University last week in an attempt to take control of the university, just like former Rector Sadi Bexheti came to power in the Tetovo State University a few years ago.
11) Martin Heidegger, "The Rectorate 1933/34: Facts and Thoughts," Martin Heidegger and National Socialism.