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RECTOR, Eccl. law. One who rules or governs a name given to certain officers of the Roman church. Dict. Canonique, h.v.

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If you reflect on the opening of Jimmy Reid s rectorial address its evocation of 'the despair and hopelessness that pervades people who feel with justification that they have no real say in shaping or determining their own destinies' it s hard to avoid the conclusion that UK Government policy is not tackling alienation, but breeding it.
The Rectorial Council was significant in the life of the university.
For some reason, probably decided by the same guys who insisted they needed a picture of Brown's Sugars, his rectorial campaign featured a lot of boat races - beerdrinking competitions in which Gordon's team invariably won, mainly because of him.
If you put your back to the Seine and have Notre Dame behind you, and drop in for a moment in St-Julien-le-Pauvre, where Gregory of Tours sang the night office in the shrine that stood there in the sixth century, you may launch yourself from this ancient rectorial church of the medieval university of Paris toward the south, up the hill to Ste-Genevieve, along the route to Orleans (the Roman Genabum), and thus on the way to Rome; indeed, the Roman road is still deep beneath your feet.
His 1919 Rectorial Address to the University of St.
The first three essays by Theodore Kisiel, Jacques Taminiaux and Catalin Partenie look at specific texts; respectively, the Rectorial Address, Sophocles' Antigone and the Sophist lectures of 1924-25.
Despite heavy spending, the first Viscount saved money, lending 17,000 [pounds sterling], mainly to turnpike trusts, besides loans to Edmund Burke, and buying sizable properties and the rectorial tithes of Dudley.
In 35% of parishes in England and Wales owners of former rectorial land are liable for the cost of repairs to the parish church.
The issue arises because the couple's land includes a field called Clanacre, which is accepted as rectorial property.
22) Kuyper heavily criticized such thinking, particularly in his rectorial address De verflauwing der grenzen ("Pantheism's Destruction of Boundaries").
At the University of Edinburgh, the inaugural rectorial address by Robin Harper was remarkable for its humanitarian words: But it is not just technical fixes that will save us -- a cultural and life-style revolution is required.