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Cherry WB, Mueller PS: Rectus sheath hematoma: review of 126 cases at a single institution.
Berna JD, Zuazu I, Madrigal M, Garcia-Medina V, et al: Conservative treatment of large rectus sheath hematoma in patients undergoing anticoagulant therapy.
In Case 2, serial TAP blocks combined with a rectus sheath block were used to provide effective analgesia and facilitate chest physiotherapy.
The rectus sheath block anaesthetises the 9th, 10th and 11th intercostal nerves in its course through the rectus sheath.
The anterior rectus sheath is incised at right angles to the skin incision from pubic symphysis extending if necessary into the external oblique (Figure 2).
Intra-operatively, the distal shunt catheter was found to have migrated superficial to the rectus sheath, where it had become encapsulated in a pre-peritoneal CSF pseudocyst.