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Today, we are about to recuperate the sovereign decision; we have always spoken about the risks of displacement and the perils of terrorism which enjoyed foreign coverup.
The Lady Eagles, who have retained their fighting form despite the graduation last season of their former bedrock Valdez, used the postponement of Game 1-originally set April 29-to recuperate and train harder.
Mosul / NINA /--Army forces prevented on the left coast of Musol city , worshipers from getting access to Ahrar Square central Musol after prayers of/ Fri- to recuperate usurped rights/.
The Chinese Defence Ministry today said that the country's navy might seek supplies or recuperate at appropriate harbours in Seychelles or other countries as needed during escort missions.
She has been told by medics that she needs to rest and recuperate.
We're sad because this happened to you, but we feel better because we know you're going to recuperate," she said.
Houllier was unable to take charge of team affairs for the final five games of the season and doctors have advised that he will require further time to recuperate.
Papacostas however said his doctors had told him that he needs to stay home and recuperate for a while.
Beuzelin, who is continuing to recuperate at home on the island, has little memory of the accident, but despite his injuries admitted: "I had a very lucky escape.
She was sent home to recuperate but has written twitters from her sickbed.
Yet only when he falls ill and must recuperate with old Mrs.
Following a short stay in a nursing home to recuperate, Brouwenstyn returned to her home.