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In her 1990 University of Wisconsin dissertation, Judylyn Ryan expands Stepto's paradigm to include "pre-dispersion" consciousness, which does not presuppose African cultural genesis in the "symbolic south," and "recuperation" narratives in which the end-in-aim is not the synthesis of double-consciousness through immersion, but recuperation of the aspects of the "pre-dispersion" state.
As these garments should be applied before survivors leave the hospital, many women on Medicare cannot obtain reimbursement for the post-surgical camisole before surgery, effectively depriving them of the benefits that post-surgical camisoles offer for recuperation.
The contract is the delivery of brand new PET bottle blow molding, including technical infrastructure with the use of the air recuperation blow with blow molding machines and compressors heat exchanger for heating.
Cette manifestation creative a pour objectif principal la contribution au developpement et a la promotion de l'art de la recuperation a travers un programme artistique riche et varie initie exclusivement par les etudiants, tous niveaux et filieres confondus: [beaucoup moins que] c'est une veritable initiative artistique tout au long de cette belle experience d'echange et d'evasion, tout en concevant et realisant nombreux objets a la fois utilitaires et esthetiques .
Interroge sur le sujet, Cesare Prandelli a prefere desamorcer la polemique, non sans une pointe d'humour: "Si on finit cette conference un peu plus vite, on pourra gagner du temps de recuperation.
In celebration of the recuperation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud and his forthcoming return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Salman Ibn Abdulaziz, the Governor of Riyadh Province has ordered to expand the activities of the Food Bank to be named King Abdullah Bank for Foodstuffs and Clothes to include Riyadh Province rather than Riyadh City.
10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The Korean federal government's Korean Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) is overseeing installation of a high-efficiency, ultracapacitor-based, braking energy recuperation system in a subway station here to demonstrate the system's benefits, including reduced grid power consumption and improved network voltage stability.
But a consultant has said a period of rest and recuperation should be enough for the player to recover.
FAT BOY SLIM, winner of the UK Packaging Arc at Walthamstow in March and subsequently a finalist in the Scottish Derby at Shawfield, has been sent to Ireland as he continues his recuperation from the wrist injury sustained when making an early exit from the William Hill Derby at Wimbledon.
Active patient involvement: You should receive exercises and lifestyle-modification advice that extends the recuperation process beyond office visits and to the home and gym.
Forty-eight hours later it was out--and I faced a three-month recuperation period, still on dialysis.
Sallis demonstrates the relevance of such speculations when we are watching The Winter's Tale by highlighting, as the aesthetic core of the play, that which is apparently dead and past, but not beyond recuperation albeit through the theatre.