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The First recuperative care center outside of South LA, and the only one accessible to the more than eight thousand homeless residents in the San Fernando Valley.
When designing any recuperative air burner system, one should carefully consider several key questions.
write(zawya_banner_zone('zone9337')); }catch(e){} It also pointed to the hydrological studies conducted by other concerned departments for measuring the stockpiles of these recuperative water, determining the source areas and raising the usable water level through fostering the private sector investment in this field.
He said: "There is an acceptance that in any organisation, on occasion, there will be times when people have to be placed on restricted or recuperative duties.
The Gyro-cableway is a mechanical recuperative cableway device with a flywheel (Fig.
Morgan MMS aims to release the same nitrous oxide with its recuperative furnace as a furnace with a normal nonrecuperative burner.
Use of officers in restricted or recuperative duties reduces the time officers spend on sick leave, reduces ill health retirements and reduces the occasions when it is necessary to suspend officers subject to investigation.
The technique's purpose is to stimulate the body's own recuperative powers.
Her survival - and that of her unborn daughter - is a testament to the recuperative powers of the human body and the skill of the medical services.
It will have a staff of physicians providing state-of-the-art diagnostic and outpatient recuperative services, the most modern MRI, CT and other body-scan imaging equipment and employ diagnostic methodologies based on cutting edge research in human genetics.
Hunter's agenda is doubly recuperative, in that he highlights the regenerative power of these plays as a way of condoning the traditional comic classification of these texts, by now better known as "problem plays.