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The recuperative air burner system incorporates a 48-inch (122 cm) section of stainless steel, double-walled chimney pipe located above the damper and below the roof.
There are more than 170,000 people flocking annually to these recuperative stations and thalassotherapy centers including 135,000 foreigners, namely 80 percent of the total visitors, while the total number of those who go to recuperative mineral baths in Tunisia are estimated at 3 millions including Tunisians and foreigners.
The figure was higher than the average across West Yorkshire, where 574 out of 5,844 officers - roughly one in 10 - were on restricted or recuperative duties last year.
Should a LSCARH be chosen in preference to other recuperative dehumidification systems?
Since even at a low adiabatic temperature rise the converter temperature can be high in the recuperative converter the expansion of the gas with temperature has to be accounted for.
Katie and her dog, Chaos, while on recuperative duties, are both assisting with elements of our dog training programme.
The calculated examples show, that after hauling the empty carriage back up the slope, the mechanical flywheel still stores a great number of revolutions which the mechanical recuperative cable device can utilize for further operations.
The charity brings groups of children from the heavily contaminated regions of Belarus for month long recuperative holidays.
The project's main goals are to assist with those who need special medical treatment, help send medical and humanitarian aid to various hospitals and orphanages in affected regions of Belarus, Ukraine and western Russia, as well as bring to the UK some children whose health has been severely affected by the nuclear disaster for recuperative holidays.
But cops say giving office roles to bobbies who are on 'restrictive or recuperative duties' gives BETTER value for money, with critics failing to understand the pressure they are under.
Because the amount of energy required to heat metal to a molten state can be high and costly, recuperative systems often are used to avoid wasted energy.
And the bill for officers who are on 'restrictive or recuperative duties' is about pounds 40 million a year in the region.