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A systematic review published in 2014 provides level II evidence that reoperation is beneficial in symptomatic patients with locally recurrent or progressive high-grade gliomas.
solar industry and having the guidance, support and expertise of Recurrent Energy will benefit the entire industry, said Abigail Ross Hopper, SEIAs president and CEO.
The present study was designed to find out frequency of recurrent apthous stomatitis and to access the predisposing factors related to this oral mucosal condition.
Indications for surgery were multinodular goiter in 62 cases, solitary nodule in 18, hyperthyroidism in 17, thyroid carcinoma in 2 and recurrent goiter in 5 cases.
Recurrent UTI is an infection that follows resolution of bacteriuria and symptoms of a prior UTI, and the term applies when such an infection occurs within 6 months of the last UTI or when 3 or more UTIs occur within a year.
Recurrent has recently introduced service contracts which include hardware replacement.
Chodosh MD, PhD, chair of Cancer Biology and director of Cancer Genetics at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, implicates the tumor suppressor protein Par-4 in recurrent breast cancer.
We did a survey of organizations that specialize in recurrent training and found that there are programs that satisfy insurance carrier demands that range from one to three days in length, are either simulator or airplane based, and range in price from as low as $500 for a piston single, to north of $2400 for turboprops.
Patients and Methods: Sixty patients of all ages and both genders having history of recurrent ulcers over the past period of 3 -6 months.
They looked at 57 women seen at a single tertiary-care center who had antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and associated recurrent spontaneous abortion (Ann.