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In summary, we reported a young male patient with no family history of recurrent fever and presenting with symptoms of TRAPS since early infancy.
A workup for IMD (chest and sinus CT scan) was triggered in the following situations: persistent (after six days of antibiotics) or recurrent fever, clinical manifestations of IMD (sinuses, pneumonia, skin nodules), or positive s-GMI (>0.
This case report shows the importance of avoiding these cognitive biases by looking further than the common rhinovirus in a patient small for height and weight with recurrent fevers.
Studies show a family history of recurrent fever in 10%-60% of patients, and recurrent tonsillitis in one parent is twice as likely among children with PFAPA.
Its symptoms also include recurrent fever and anemia.
A 53 year old female diagnosed elsewhere in May 2000 as lepromatous leprosy presented at our hospital in September 2000 with a 2-month history of papulonodular eruptions associated with general malaise and recurrent fever.
The patient does well and is successfully switched to oral amoxicillin/clavulanate (Augmentin) with no recurrent fever and continued healing of vaginal ulcers.
The availability of a test to detect the most frequent MEFV gene mutations simultaneously should prompt molecular genetics laboratories to investigate patients with recurrent fever on a routine basis.
During follow-up, patients infected with HGE had a significantly increased risk of recurrent fever, chills, sweats, and fatigue, compared with the controls, Dr.
A 16-year-old boy with FMF heterozygous for M694V mutation was admitted to our hospital because of the persistence of recurrent fever attacks 3 or 4 times in a month for 3 days, accompanied by chest and abdominal pain, myalgia, arthritis of the knees, headache, and aphthous lesion on his tongue with herpes labialis, despite taking maximum dosage of colchicine (2 mg/day).
Six patients reported recurrent fever and generalized muscle and joint pain.
She complained of recurrent fever and hematuria and was admitted to hospital for bilateral nephrectomy in controlling severe kidney infection and preparation for renal transplantation.

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