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Addressing both UAE Central Bank and IMF concerns about a recurrently overheated real estate sector, with house
The effects of these experiences appear to be short-lived, but some gamers experience them recurrently.
Many patients are treated recurrently with chest infections, and an asthma-like disease.
In reality, Netanyahu was not lying when he recurrently said that the sword of the international sanctions severed many veins of Iranian economy.
On the existing trade volume between Bangladesh and Pakistan which is not very impressive it was shared by the delegation that due to certain barriers to trade like restrains on business visas which the entrepreneurs from both the sides recurrently face, non-Signing of FTA between the two countries and lack of implementation of regional agreement the South Asian Free Trade Agreement in its true spirit by the two countries that the progress on increasing trade relations and business remain slow.
He recurrently brought the grandstand to its feet by clinching the Tom and Sprightly cup which was judged by public applause therefore proclaiming him the people's favourite on four separate occasions.
Harvey's contributions to modern Marxian political economy over nearly half a century have recurrently emphasised urban conflicts and their manifestation, potential or actual, in an anti-capitalist politics of resistance and transformation.
The Karem Abu Salem commercial crossing is the sole commercial crossing into Gaza which has recurrently been closed by Israeli authorities for various reasons to the detriment of Gaza inhabitants.
The father, he said, had also other criminal records after he has been detained recurrently since 1991 over using and pushing narcotic drugs.
Among the paintings, sculptures, photos, videos, prints, and texts shown at Kunstnernes Hus, this performative work was evoked recurrently as various pieces documented and reworked it, among them Contemporary Memory--Who Is Afraid?
He focuses recurrently on the NBO (next big one) and how, if HIV or Ebola virus were more easily transmissible, no one would remain to read his book.
Running any kind of organisation, you have to be able to make ends meet recurrently and this would help us to do that.