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Running any kind of organisation, you have to be able to make ends meet recurrently and this would help us to do that.
An estimated 1% of Americans have trichotillomania (TTM), an impulsecontrol disorder in which patients experience pleasure or gratification from recurrently pulling out their own hair, resulting in noticeable hair loss.
This evidence is manifest in the brutal oppression recurrently practised against the activists who led the revolution against Mubarak, in the months following his overthrow.
Hamza, a renowned architect currently involved in several political and social initiatives in Egypt, said that he recurrently communicated with SCAF over the past few months to demand compensation and treatment.
Incongruity and irony recurrently provide humor in the story.
Therefore unless landlords are willing to fund tenant's fit-out as part of any incentive package then occupiers are recurrently opting to stay put or consider alternative options.
Blaming inherent imperialist instincts for what she recurrently refers to as aMcDarwinism,a Ganas seeks humanity in the midst of social selection and plastic adaptations.
Visits to his GP resulted in a diagnosis of a recurrently painful twisted bowel, which without treatment could prove fatal.
To add to this, the British government recurrently makes changes in policies regarding foreign students.
Athian Majak Malou, Commissioner of Yirol East County of Lakes state said that "the problem recurrently is insecurity which has been imposed by Nuer people of Panyjar county of Unity stateC* this month alone three attacks occurred at various places comprised with Maniany cattle camp were four people were confirmed killed and Shambe cattle camp were two people were wounded and also attack at Billing village whereby 27 cows were taken away as well yesterday attack Nyluel killed five people and five more people wounded with over one thousand head of cattle taken by attackers".
Frictions between the secularist establishment and the AK Party have surfaced recurrently in recent times.
NICE states that IOPs should be consistently and recurrently over 21mmHG, measured with slit-lamp mounted Goldmann.