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Award for best Customer Service, FastSpring is a proven resource for meeting the needs of online businesses as well as the recurring revenue industry as a whole.
69-587 and Eastman Kodak predate the effective date of the recurring item exception.
After playing a recurring role last season where she and Josh (Bradley Whitford) circled and smooched one another, Mary-Louise Parker joins ``The West Wing'' cast full time, joined by Lily Tomlin, who plays President Bartlett's new secretary.
could you suggest more efficient ways of handling recurring issues?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The WB) Recurring gay character Tara (Amber Benson) plays the current interest of .
Kulkarni also notes an alternative posibility: Perhaps all neutron stars can produce recurring bursts of soft gamma rays, but only during a brief period -- less than 500 years -- of their lifetime.
Valued at $310 billion, the recurring revenue market for maintenance, subscriptions and support is a crucial area for SaaS and technology companies.
More important, the recurring nature of periodic expenses, coupled with the incidental nature of the future benefit, compels the conclusion that income is more clearly reflected by permitting a current deduction.
The proven third-generation design enables companies to process single or recurring electronic check (ACH), credit card and debit card transactions in either real-time or batch mode.
TEI also believes that the proposed regulataions place undue limitations on the adoption of the recurring item exception provided by section 461(h)(3) of the Code.
Paymentech, the nation's second largest acquirer of bankcard transactions, has enhanced its automatic payment programs for recurring billing with improved electronic check processing.