recurring theme

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The recurring theme is the undermining of traditional certainties (in physics, art, finance), and the painful adjustments these brought.
The author describes the inspiration behind that novel, as well as discussing the recurring theme of war throughout his other books, including Private Peaceful and his most recent novel Listen to the Moon.
A RECURRING theme from those questioned by Greg Dyke's (above) FA commission is that youngsters are paid too much too early.
You watch six episodes and you'll hear a recurring theme that really feels more like when you sit and watch a movie and a recurring theme comes in.
The recurring theme is her desire to earn her father's love - she essentially discovered she was proficient on two wheels by mirroring his love of the sport - and eventually her own deep but ultimately fractious relationship with one of her coaches.
THERE seems to have been a recurring theme about England's Rugby World Cup campaign down in New Zealand.
The recurring theme throughout this and previous reports is the tremendous enthusiasm, care and professionalism of our staff, which makes all the difference in attaining the highest standards and delivery of high quality patient care.
My first album was called Animal, and I'm also the global ambassador for the Humane Society International, so leopard print is a recurring theme in my look, which I like to wear because it brings out the animal inside.
Chandrashekhar Krishnan, director of Transparency International UK, said: "The link between organised crime and corruption is a recurring theme in prison.
In my opinion, Mourinho (who has now gained promotion to Real Madrid) is an excellent exponent of a recurring theme in football - a recurring theme, but a minor one.
In this clip, the artist discusses her interest in spiders, a recurring theme in her work.
THE battle to prevent the compulsory introduction of sheep EID was a recurring theme at Tuesday's NSA Welsh Sheep event at Cernioge Bach, Pentrefoelas.