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6) Seventeen English editions of seven different Bernardine and pseudo-Bernardine compilations, translated from the original Latin, were published between 1496 and 1640; in addition, the continuing popularity and circulation of Bernardine manuscripts and foreign editions is indicated by the frequency with which he is quoted in Latin in both Anglican and recusant Catholic theological texts (White, Prose 78; Pollard and Redgrave [STC] [section] 1908-23).
Phebe Jensen has recently argued that "play-hosting and performing could be a way of creating and sustaining recusant identity" (Religion 46), reading such performances as a kind "replacement for forbidden communal religious rituals", particularly in the case of St.
Catholics; (9) Shakespeare's mother came from a recusant family.
En s'interessant aux filiations conceptuelles, notamment en biologie et en medecine, il programma une histoire recusant a la fois l'internalisme et l'externalisme en vue d'apprehender la specificite des sciences dans leur << dialectical unity of continuity and change >> (69) mediatise par leur contexte de production.
For Shakespeare and his contemporaries, Bohemia was a place of religious tolerance that contrasted with the persecution of Catholic recusants in the later years of Elizabeth's reign.
Elsewhere in the world, the Irish were able to shape to some extent the Catholic churches they found there; this was impossible in Britain, where the recusant families held sway.
This tax was imposed specifically on Catholic recusants as a punitive contribution to Elizabeth's campaigns against foreign Catholic threats; John Shakespeare's fellow defaulters were all Catholic.
His mother was a member of the recusant Riddells of Swinburne Castle who suffered for their faith in penal times.
In Stubbs's reckoning, Donne is characterized by his readiness to adapt to prevailing conditions; unlike his recusant mother, who 'had lived without compromise', Donne 'set a more practical example for those who have to make the society they inherit work' (p.
Quoi qu'il en soil, recusant tout dualisme epistemologique entre la sujet percipient et l'objet pereu, elle pose que "seul existe ce qui est connu" (jndtaikasaltd) et, par-tant, qu'il n'existe aucune realite non-penjue d'aucune sorte (ajnatasattabhava), autrement dit que ni l'objet ni le monde n'existent independamment de la perception ou de l'idee qui les livre a la conscience, la perception etant contemporaine dc son objet.
Certainly the recorder's choice of word here for the recommenders of recusant Catholics begged ironic comparison with the contrary wishes of puritanical "Precisians" in the village.
Born into a recusant English Catholic family, Ullathorne had to come to terms with a new burgeoning Irish Catholic population.