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BLOOD, kindred. This word, in the law sense, is used to signify relationship, stock, or family; as, of the blood of the ancestor. 1 Roper on Leg. 103; 1 Supp. to Ves. jr. 365. In a more extended sense, it means kindred generally. Bac. Max. Reg. 18.
     2. Brothers and sisters are said to be of the whole blood, (q. v.) if they have the same father and mother of the half blood, (q. v.) if they have only one parent in common. 5 Whart. Rep. 477.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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By using CRISPR-Cas9 to edit the genome of the immature cells, the team were also able to remove a protein called basigin that is important for invasion and normally present on the surface of red blood cells and show that the reticulocytes generated from this edited line were completely resistant to invasion.
(5.) Antwi-Baffour S, Danso, SA, Adjei J, Kyeremeh R, Addae MM (2015) Prolonged storage of red blood cells for transfusion in citrate phoshate dextrose adenine-1 affects their viability.
Counting Red Blood Cells through image processing techniques is not difficult task but for high accuracy it involves several other problems i.e.
The information concerning morphometric data of red blood cells is accurate only if a scale has been correctly entered and well calibrated, which requires scanning the micrometer scale engraved on the micrometric slide on the immersion objective (x100).
The purpose of this study is to compare the cost of providing red blood cell aliquots using the Charter Medical eight bag aliquot set with the Charter Medical syringe aliquot system for neonatal red blood cell transfusions.
A study published in the British Medical Journal recorded the use of nearly 10,000 units of red blood cells from 18 NHS hospital blood banks in the north of England over 28 days.
How many Red blood cells does the body make every second?
3 Red blood cell mass will not increase without supplements of elemental iron.
The best diet plan for anemia includes foods rich in iron and other vitamins essential to hemoglobin and red blood cell production.
In a new study, Nigerian researchers found that fluted pumpkin reduces the incidence of sickle cell crisis in infants and adults by preventing and reversing red blood cells that are sickled, stabilises the red blood cells and reduces sickle haemoglobin red blood cell density.
The disorder impairs red blood cell production, impacting delivery of oxygen throughout the body and causing anemia.