red neck

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If it does well--let's say it gets 95 points or better--we have some nice red neck hangers made up.
Yesterday in Dunkirk Harbor, the year's first red-necked grebe appeared, northbound and resplendent in the rusty red neck, bright white throat, and striking yellow bill of its breeding dress.
I guess it's because I don't know any better, but when I'm called a red neck, ultra-conservative, gun-loving nut, it makes my head swell a little with pride and fills me with laughter, which is the "elixir" of life, by the way.
lA remarkable gamble goes astray at Nottingham when Ima Red Neck (Stan Moore/Tony McGlone) is backed from 10-1 to 4-6 in the seller but can manage only fourth behind Bronze Runner (Stan Mellor/Tim Sprake).
Sir John Stokes, former Tory MP for Halesowen and Stourbridge, who became notorious for his no nonsense approach to politics and derided by his political opponents as a 'red neck', had been suffering from Alzheimer's.
Racing gets under way at 2pm with the members' race in which Carmen Goldsworthy's Red Neck can get backers off to a good start.
Es totalmente miserable ver como Pablo Latapi, en TV Azteca, llama a su cobertura "Libertad de Irak", siguiendo el criterio del red neck estadunidense.
Jubilee: Black Buzzers, Red Bloodworm, CdC Emergers, Alders, Black and Green Fritz, Cat's Whisker, especially a red neck version.
He was obviously preoccupied, and his coarse, red neck was bent as if with the physical pressure of such an unaccustomed thing as thought.
Dr Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is up to his miserable red neck in problems.
It's dull winter colouring has been replaced by an attractive summer breeding plumage, the red neck and breast which gives it its name.
Maybe he would take too much of a red neck looking in the eyes of a real man of peace.