red neck

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If it does well--let's say it gets 95 points or better--we have some nice red neck hangers made up.
Dr Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is up to his miserable red neck in problems.
It's dull winter colouring has been replaced by an attractive summer breeding plumage, the red neck and breast which gives it its name.
Maybe he would take too much of a red neck looking in the eyes of a real man of peace.
The DUP: Whose rural membership will be celebrating Red Neck Day;
She isn't a Carmichael - the local land-owning important family - but a Smooter, a family from across the red neck side of the tracks.
GEOFF BARFOOT-SAUNT came in for the ride on Swincombe in the novice hunter chase after the gelding's regular rider Tabitha Cave was injured, and justified trainer Emma Kelley's decision to offer him the mount by riding the 7-1 shot to a convincing win over Red Neck.
Traditional blacks and greys of the groom's suit are livened up by a tastefully patterned gold waistcoat and wine red neck tie.
The search for the red neck phalarope will also make for some interesting viewing, particularly since Iolo discovered they were transatlantic travellers.
The male frigate bird, to select one at random, in an effort to attract a mate, sits in a prominent position and puffs his bright red neck out.
They opted for a variety of songs, including the Dixie Chicks number, Hello Mr Heartache, Crazy About The Guy I Left Behind, Red Neck Woman, and the old Irish ballad, A Mothers Love's A Blessing.