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The most common cause for a red rash around the nipple is dry or irritated skin.
Cody is an 8-year-old male being seen for complaints of headache, fever, cough, and red rash.
Fungal diaper dermatitis is a deep red rash with sharp margins and many "satellite" lesions.
When Fatima first joined the cooperative, her hands and face were covered with a red rash, and she continued to smoke cigarettes so that her body wouldn't shake.
The first stage shows a bright red rash on the face, especially on the cheeks.
Red rash or color change on the face, often in the shape of a butterfly across the bridge of the nose and the cheeks
First, there is a bright red rash on the face, especially the cheeks.
Common signs of lupus include a red rash or color change on the face, painful or swollen joints, unexplained fever, chest pain with breathing, unusual loss of hair, pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress, sensitivity to the sun, and low blood count.
During the first week, a red rash may appear on the wrist and ankles and eventually spread up the arms and legs to the chest.
Red rash that starts on head and spread down the body - this normally starts a few days after onset of illness The rash consists of flat red or brown blotches, which can flow into each other.
IGAVE my Yorkie pup a strawberry the other day and the day after she was itching a lot and had a red rash.