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Brooke Yates was left with a painful red rash on her face, after her dad claims she used Sanex Zero% shower gel for sensitive skin
"The most common cause for a red rash around the nipple is dry or irritated skin.
" It started with pain in my upper left back and within four days it spread below my armpit as well under the left breast along with red rashes," says Anand, 61.
He returned home but developed a red rash over his torso and a 'soaring' temperature.
Scarlet Fever, which struck down thousands of people in the 19th Century, is caused by a bacterial infection that causes a sore throat and a red rash.
I've been stung twice in the last week swimming off Jumeirah Open Beach, and it's not funny !!The pain is immediate and very sore, leaving a red rash that takes some time to go away - however, no lasting damage is done.I shall now give up my early morning swim and substitute a bike which presumably will be safer unless they can jump long distances.Seriously though, in 4 years of regular swimming at the same spot, this has never happened before.So it would be nice to know if there's some well informed local marine biologist who knows what's going on, and specially when it's likely to be safe to go back in the water ?
This causes irritation and results in a red rash developing.
Now I've been getting an itchy, red rash after we have sex.
And after handling the pumpkin which turns into Cinders's coach for the ball he broke out in a red rash over his chest and arms.
Lupus can result in a red rash on parts of the body including the cheeks.
The line includes two treatments aimed at babies suffering from eczema, a common skin condition characterized by an itchy red rash. "Babies need special care for the dry skin associated with eczema and because hydrocortisone and eczema prescription products are not recommended for children under 2," explains the spokeswoman.
Fungal diaper dermatitis is a deep red rash with sharp margins and many "satellite" lesions.