red tape

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SGI is nominated for reducing red tape by streamlining bridge permit approvals for commercial and farm trucks.
In approving the bill, the Senate immediately responded to the call of President (Rodrigo) Duterte during his last State of the Nation Address (Sona)-to cut red tape in government,' he added.
The Red Tape Initiative's management board consists of Letwin, Baroness Rock and Lord Marland.
Through the Enterprise Bill, we are extending the scope of our deregulation target to cover the actions of regulators, going further than ever before to tackle troublesome red tape.
It will also precipitate a real and coordinated plan of action, rather than the usual nebulous blustery call to "slash red tape," without specifically targeting anyone to do the job, plan aschedule, and actually fund the service wide project.
Red tape may hamper innovation, and may prompt an incentive for change in organizations, being a transaction cost in organizations.
Regulation and associated red tape were identified as the second largest barrier to growth and are one of the top priorities for the Chamber's advocacy and campaign work.
We have identified the red tape and now we are going to cut it.
The European Commission has promised to tackle red tape and halve the burden of bureaucracy.
It has to look at other tools at its disposal - and untangling businesses from red tape is one of them.
The Reserve Forces are top of the hit list after the PM wrote to ministers warning: "We have inherited too much costly, pointless and illiberal government red tape.