red tape

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Previously, the Housing and Construction Red Tape Challenge delivered significant reforms and led to a review of local housing standards by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
For another thing, consider what we supposed to be celebrating here: even if this Red Tape Reduction law were to work exactly as advertised, the best outcome we could hope for is keeping the exact same federal red tape cost that we have now.
The findings show that more than half (52%) of small to medium-sized businesses believe reducing red tape should be at the top of the to-do list for the new Government, while one third (33%) say better incentives to invest are needed.
23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - On January 19, 2015, the President of the Treasury Board, Tony Clement, stated one way to mark Red Tape Awareness Week[sup.
For every reduction in red tape announced, the amount of red tape goes up by 10%-20%
The Government wants to change the system giving Londoners the freedom to rent out their homes on a temporary basis, such as when they are on holiday, without having to deal with unnecessary red tape and pay for a permit.
Steve Brittan, president of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, part of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, said the 30 proposals for improving red tape, could make a 'very real and tangible difference' to businesses, particularly SMEs.
We have already stopped the so called 'gold plating' to which Mr Luckock refers, and I went to Brussels on October 4 to pressure the European authorities into a new programme to cut the red tape emanat-ing from Brussels.
Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "In these tough times, businesses need to focus all their energies on creating jobs and growth, not being tied up in unnecessary red tape.
The European Commission has promised to tackle red tape and halve the burden of bureaucracy.
It has to look at other tools at its disposal - and untangling businesses from red tape is one of them.
The Reserve Forces are top of the hit list after the PM wrote to ministers warning: "We have inherited too much costly, pointless and illiberal government red tape.