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TIDE. The ebb and flow of the sea.
     2. Arms of the sea, bays, creeks, coves, or rivers, where the tide ebbs and flows, are public, and all persons may use the same for the purposes of navigation and for fishing, unless restrained by law. To give these rights at common law, the tide must ebb and flow: the flowing of the waters of a lake into a river, and their reflowing, being not the flux and reflux of the tides, but mere occasional and rare instances of a swell in the lake, and a setting up of the waters into the river, and the subsiding of such swells, is not to be considered an ebb and flow of the tide, so as to constitute a river technically navigable. 20 John. R. 98. See 17 John. R. 195; 2 Conn. R. 481.
     3. In Pennsylvania, the common law principle, that the flux and reflux of the tide ascertain the character of the river, has been rejected. 2 Binn. R. 475. Vide Arm of the sea; Navigable river; Sea shore.

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We have included an example of an oil spill to showcase our capability to track and predict the trajectories of not only coastal hazards like oil spills and red tides, but also dust storms and flooding, using satellite imagery and modelling," Dr Temimi added.
Fourteen research papers, including several from Mote Marine Laboratory scientists, were published in the special issue of Harmful Algae, which provided a synthesis of results and offered suggestions for resource managers addressing red tide in coastal Southwest Florida.
A red tide expert, Dr Tommy Bornman said that earlier in the year, the red tide was not the toxic species which had emerged along the Eastern Cape coastline.
Humans are affected by red tide too, but in a different manner.
The ministry is already working on a surveillance programme by satellites to monitor the biological activity on the UAE's west coast so as to react swiftly to tackle the red tide whenever it happens.
It's illogical that [the government] blames red tide when the turtles are showing up dead precisely during trawling season," biodiversity specialist Rafael Vela of the Centro de Estudios de Tecnologia Apropiada (CESTA), a San Salvador-based environmental group, told the daily Co Latino.
via the filing number P09000057467 with the State of Florida and amendments to the articles of Red Tide Defense Group.
The units will resume operations once SEWA is certain that the effect of red tide on the area's seawater has vanished, he noted.
brevis that cause classic red tide symptoms of bronchoconstriction, watering eyes, and slowed mucociliary clearance.
Some scientists think red tides could become more common due to the warming of Gulf seawater, which is occurring faster than anywhere else in the world, probably accelerated by pollution.
The surface of the salt water lake recently turned red due to a phenomenon known as red tide.
Red tide is a scourge that has affected humans throughout the ages.