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With Rapid Redact, information is permanently removed and the original text cannot be revealed as the sensitive information no longer exists.
Bruce Jackson Past form Richard Hannon, who saddles Redact, has a fine record in this event.
Police Departments can now reliably and quickly redact body-worn video at low cost to respond to a rapidly rising tide of body-worn video FOIA requests.
Asides from its tight security, messages sent using Redact can always be deleted - or redacted - by the author and doing so removes them from the conversation history on both devices.
Find and Redact - Concordance Evolution has a unique find-and-redact feature that enables users to easily search for and redact a common term or phrase within a document.
While competitive products existed prior to this product release from PayneGroup, the primary differentiator is that redacted files sanitized by the PayneGroup Redact Assistant are still functional in their native format.
Redact, the owners' best hope according to the betting, flew late and wide for fourth while second string Airborne Again dropped off into 11th.
The release of 24,000 pages of e-mails which last from late 2006 until mid-2009 have been released in print form only due to Alaska's inability to redact e-mail messages electronically.
Intellidact provides high volume, high speed, high accuracy unstructured data recognition technology to rapidly locate and reliably redact confidential information within any PDF, TIFF, Microsoft Office, JPEG or GIF image file, decreasing the amount of time needed to comply with information privacy legislation.
There are so many trailblazers drawn high that Redact should have plenty to aim at from stall 15, and a strong pace can offset the drop to 5f.
While the Los Angeles Police Department will continue to release the officers' names soon after shootings - as most agencies do - the panel will redact the officers' identities before releasing reports that the chief of police compiles after every shooting or other serious use of force.
RICHARD HANNON'S bid for an eighth win in the Weatherbys Super Sprint at Newbury on Saturday appears to rest largely on the shoulders of unbeaten colts Eureka and Redact, with the trainer unable to split the pair.