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Antonio Trillanes IV had filed a resolution seeking a legislative investigation on the SALN redactions, saying the Senate did not withhold similar information.
Researchers who rely on Medicare claims to analyze spending outcomes for beneficiaries with serious mental illness should be aware of the potential for bias due to nonrandom redaction of substance abuse data.
This Redaction product also supports skewed documents and odd shaped redaction.
To further the argument that the poem was meant for an aristocratic audience trying to invent itself, Starkey shows how the Gotha redaction was formatted with that reference in mind.
El Khalfi a indique qu'un an et demi apres l'adoption d'une Charte d'ethique et de deontologie, la MAP s'est dotee d'un Conseil de la redaction, dont la creation a constitue une "premiere" dans le paysage mediatique national et une "phase historique par excellence''.
Le president de l'Assemblee Mustapha Ben Jfar a repete a plusieurs reprises ces dernieres semaines que la redaction de la Constitution serait achevee pour le 23 octobre 2012, soit un an apres l'election des deputes.
Avec le present numero, une nouvelle equipe de redaction va assumer la responsabilite de I'APC.
s work is a meticulously researched, close-grained analysis of the existing literature--much of it archival--that builds upon the previous redaction histories of Francisco Gil Hellin, Hanjo Saner, and Riccardo Burigana.
com)-- Onstream Systems, the creators of RapidRedact redaction software announces today that their leading Redaction solution for all document types RapidRedact Desktop is now 64-bit compatible, increasing the accessibility of RapidRedact technology to customers using 64-bit operating systems.
NNA - 27/2/2011 Caretaker Energy minister Gebran Basil set to explain gasoil price redaction by sending a congratulatory message to the Lebanese who could thanks to his Tendency' s efforts, secure an L.
A cause du depart a la retraite d'un grand nombre d'experts en redaction de textes legislatifs, tant au Canada que partout dans le monde, et compte tenu du peu de possibilites de formation dans le domaine, une penurie semble menacer une gamme etendue de parlements.