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El Khalfi a indique qu'un an et demi apres l'adoption d'une Charte d'ethique et de deontologie, la MAP s'est dotee d'un Conseil de la redaction, dont la creation a constitue une "premiere" dans le paysage mediatique national et une "phase historique par excellence''.
The audit copy enables the Records Manager to refer back to translucent redactions, so that they do not need to compare original and redacted documents side by side.
s work is a meticulously researched, close-grained analysis of the existing literature--much of it archival--that builds upon the previous redaction histories of Francisco Gil Hellin, Hanjo Saner, and Riccardo Burigana.
The city school district and state education department last month turned over hundreds of pages of documents pursuant to public records requests, but most of the records revealed little or no information because of extensive redactions.
Since its inception, Informative Graphics has demonstrated technology excellence with viewing, annotation and electronic redaction products that address secure content access and delivery.
Pendant que je discutais avec Joan, elle m'a revele que le fait de quitter son poste d'adjointe a la redaction de la Revue TESL Canada etait une experience 'douce-amere'.
Bienvenue a la nouvelle equipe et aux membres recemment nommes au Comite de redaction.
Before lawmakers--state or federal--enact legislation to mandate the curtailment or redaction of Social Security numbers (SSN) from public land records as an anti-identity-theft measure, they should consider the potential impact that limiting such data collection would have on the business sector and on consumers.
While Moloney does not reject source criticism, form criticism, redaction criticism, or textual criticism, they are subjected severely to his presentation of Mark's narrative (pp.
00), Reading The Medieval Book: Word, Image, And Performance In Wolfram Von Eschenbach's Willehalm by Kathryn Starkey (Assistant Professor, Department of Germanic Languages, University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill), examines one of the most important epic poems in 13th Century Germany and its redaction in a richly illustrated manuscript created just fifty-five years after the poem's composition.
Identifier les besoins en equipement du Mali Medical puis fournir du materiel informatique et des logiciels aux redactions, ainsi qu'une formation de base au personnel de la redaction