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Cook, A Sign and A Wonder: The Redactional Formation of Isaiah 18-20 (Leiden: Brill, 2011), 82-86.
In Luke 1:1-4, Luke's assertion that it seemed to him also worthwhile to write an orderly account for the most excellent Theophilus is germane to the issues raised by redactional criticism of the role authors/redactors played in the realisation of the fixed written product accessible to us now.
The syntactical parallels cited above support the JPS translation of Judges 13:20-21 and call into question the redactional critical proposal of Zakovitch.
Although it is of course true that some circles in the early church came to view both Jesus and in a different sense James the Just in high priestly categories, there is no evidence that this aspect features either in the original episode or in its redactional treatment by Matthew and Luke.
Use of terminological similarities as criterion to establish the shared origin of texts has been discussed by Matthias Richter, "Cognate Texts: Technical Terms as Indicators of Intertextual Relations and Redactional Strategies," Asiatische Studien/Etudes Asiatiques 56 (2002): 549-72.
17-20) can be better understood by means of a study of its redactional iter, beginning from the proposed draft at the opening of the Council up to the approved text, which underwent three intermediary drafts.
How far is this redactional process on the part of the gospel-writers helpfully illuminated by reading these stories in the context of inter-religious diversity?
the specific geography of Luke's two writings and the theology that undergirds Luke's redactional innovation assisted Ignatius in remembering and understanding the crucial acts of God in his own life" (xi).
The Monastic Ownership of Servants or Slaves: Local and Legal Factors in the Redactional History of Two Vinayas" In Buddhist Monks and Business Matters: Still More Papers on Monastic Buddhism in India, 193218.
The exhaustive exegesis contained in this volume can be sampled in Psalm 104, After a twenty-four item bibliography (only one of the items is in English) and a fresh translation with appropriate philological notes, the authors engage in literary-critical discussion, concluding that twelve and one half of the thirty-five verses are redactional.
He does not catalog every instance of a relevant phrase or concept and, since his focus is rhetorical forms rather than documentary ideologies, he has not yet assessed the appearance and place of supererogation in any of the individual Tannaitic documents viewed as the independent statements of their own redactional authorships.