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Lim Serh Ghee, President of ST Aerospace, added, We are very proud to further our partnership with our launch customer, DHL Express, with another A330-300P2F contact even before the first redelivery from the first contract has been made.
They can also arrange free redelivery to another address in the same postcode if they can't get to their nearest delivery of-fice.
Clauses 2 & 4 - More Notices for Delivery & Redelivery
Such high redelivery costs would be avoided if the planes are owned by the company.
We know that many people don't want to wait for redelivery so we are extending our opening hours to make it easier for customers who want to pick up their parcels in person.
Customers can help us by picKing up parcels as QUICKLY as possible or arranging redelivery as QUICKLY as possible.
Amazon suggested that I should click on the link to the USPS' redelivery site and schedule another try.
Tired of absorbing the costs of solid waste customers who cancel their solid waste service and later have the cart returned, the city is looking into a solid waste cart redelivery fee.
Until a month ago I could telephone my local postal sorting office and arrange for a redelivery of any parcels that the postie had not been able to deliver, but now this is not possible - any telephone queries are forwarded to an "automated system" which is baffling.
The charter is expected to commence by the end of July 2013, immediately after the redelivery of the vessel from the previous charterers to the owners.
The MP noticed absence of results in redelivery process of appropriated property of Kurmanbek Bakiev and his people.
gas to a foreign country for transportation across its territory and redelivery to the United States.