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In 2014, movies with very strong Christian, redemptive worldviews following biblical principles and values averaged $66.
The appropriation of these words, and their unique perspective on life and its sufferings, associates us to the mystery of our Lords redemptive suffering.
Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None, we are told, is a completely anti-redemptive work that has sold 100 million copies; however, the stage version features a different and more redemptive ending.
The tables with quantitative analysis have the fluidity to change with more positive outcomes if society at large embraces the redemptive religious programming format that changes and challenges an inmate to integrate successfully back into society.
At the heart of Eastwood's turn from redemptive violence is a curiosity about those left behind by death and suffering, and a growing suspicion that additional violence merely postpones and multiplies this tragedy.
However, we also found that a high level of psychological well-being was significantly related to accounts that were high in references to national redemption and, among those more directly exposed to the attacks, high in redemptive imagery in general," he adds.
8 million) as "cash distribution redemptive dividends.
If a participant elected cash, the trust could request that GMI purchase company stock from the trust, paying the trust a dividend known as a redemptive dividend.
My reading contends that the women in the novel embody a challenge to the redemptive contract, a contract derived from economic and moral criteria found in early nineteenth-century political economy.
While Israel's air force dropped American bombs on Beirut last summer, NCR editorialized about "the myth of redemptive violence.
In the Old Testament, the "justice of God" bears both a "salvific" and a "forensic" meaning: that is, sometimes it refers to God's redemptive love for his chosen people and the bonds of reciprocal duty that tie them to him through the Covenant, and at other times it emphasizes his rendering of justice--his meting out of punishment in order to chasten his chosen people or afflict his enemies.
Young's) that reading the text from a strict Schopenhauerian perspective makes it impossible (a) to construe the Apollonian and the Dionysian without contradiction and (b) to understand the redemptive function attributed to art by the Birth.