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Earlier this fall, we released the "College Board Guide to Implementing the Redesigned SAT," a valuable resource for higher education professionals who have specific questions about how the revised SAT scores will impact their campus.
Elements of the redesigned course that are found to be working well should be retained and expanded.
The redesigned $100 bill is the last in a series of currency redesigns initially rolled out in 2003.
The need for improved and redesigned transfer methods becomes more apparent each day.
Of the 200 pages of identified problems and recommended solutions by field staff, clients, and vendors, all but four were addressed and incorporated into the redesigned processes.
Car manufacturers can spend $1 billion or more to develop new or redesigned cars, so sales are a significant indicator of success.
If you haven't redesigned your site yet, chances are that process will come your way soon.
To address the concerns, the building was completely redesigned, set back from West Street and its base was heavily reinforced.
Newly redesigned $50 notes arrived at banks beginning September 28, 2004, ready to make their way into circulation and consumer wallets.
How do we incorporate these findings into the redesigned process?
The cores that form thin-wall sections on the casting should be avoided or redesigned to provide uniform fill of the entire mold cavity.
Information about the redesigned UCR Program, called the National Incident-Based Reporting System, or NIBRS, is contained in three documents.