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The bank is one of a growing number of environmentally concerned companies that has reaped more than just cost savings from redesigning its operational and instructional documents.
Our greatest challenge in redesigning Liberation is that it's always been known for being totally unconventional," said Garcia, CEO of Garcia Media.
In order to fully understand the value of the CMS, companies should consider the total cost of ownership of the solution, which includes initial implementation, licensing fees and, most importantly, the hefty post deployment costs of reorganizing and redesigning a site over its lifetime.
Our efforts in redesigning the Jaz drive highlight our overall long-term commitment to high-capacity, high-speed removable storage products," said Mark Lucas, executive vice president, global marketing and product management, Iomega Corporation
The Company is currently in the process of redesigning their website, www.
Fundamentals of Workflow Automation and Process Redesign discusses business process redesign via the application of workflow through three distinct steps: gathering information; analyzing the current process; and redesigning the process as a workflow.
We were committed to the idea that redesigning DynaMO had to transcend the notion of simply creating a good design.
Our designers are specialists at taking a Web site with an abundance of information and redesigning the site to make it more effective, attractive and manageable", Rolih continued.
17, 1997--GPU Energy is taking a major step in redesigning its business processes with the selection of SAP America Inc.
Engineers and architects at the city Department of Water and Power are redesigning the former Esquire Boys Club into a new facility for the Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Program (coalition).