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These powders are called as redispersible polymer powder because they can redisperse back into new emulsions with properties similar to the original copolymer emulsions after treatment with water.
After that time, the colloid starts to flocculate and collapses, with no chance to redisperse the nanoparticles even with prolonged sonication.
It should be noted that the samples were left undisturbed and shaking was avoided in order not to redisperse any contaminant that may have settled out.
If the paint film is still wet, the film may redisperse and wash off onto the road surface, reducing the integrity of the road stripe and the distribution of the glass beads that are critical to night-time retroreflectivity, according to Somich.
This work utilized nonstop compressor operation, but even after a long period of inactivity (with settled CNT), this compressor motion would likely redisperse the nanoparticles throughout the oil in the sump.
However, the fuel is still considered to be stable, and with any agitation, the larger droplets will redisperse. With the slightest movement or agitation, PuriNOx fuel remains stable for a minimum of three months in fuel tanks and storage tanks, Lubrizol said.
When the alginate particles come into contact with aqueous solutions containing monovalent cations like [Na.sup.+] or [K.sup.+] the porous matrices start to swell until all divalent cations have been withdrawn or exchanged, which leads to the leaching of enzymes and eventually Ca-alginate particles redisperse in the solution.
A few authors have commented that their formulations contained clumps of particles, but they did not mention making any effort to redisperse or initially stabilize the particles.
Since the particles are only weakly attracted to each other (compared to coagulation) shear forces can redisperse them whereupon they will reflocculate.
The superparamagnetism enables the magnetic materials to respond to a magnetic field without any permanent magnetization, and the magnetic materials can redisperse rapidly when the magnetic field is removed [31].
It is obvious that, before the latex particles coalesce and form a film, they can redisperse into a water solution.