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Steven Hayes: "President Obama has clearly been one of the most left-wing presidents certainly in the past 50 years, I would argue in the past century in terms of what he has done to expand the size and scope of Government, to redistribute income here at home, to redistribute power abroad.
Do you think our government should or should not redistribute wealth by heavy taxes on the rich?
Redistribute notes with trills (Example 8 and 9 (12)).
Hiroshi Minato, president of the Japanese subsidiary, said his firm aims to redistribute the plant assets mainly to developing countries in Asia and Africa.
SCHEMES which redistribute waste food to those in need are in danger of maintaining long-term problems of food poverty, leading academics claim today.
Hectored by Newsweek about his personal giving, Sun Microsystems Chairman Scott McNealy said: "If you want to redistribute wealth, you liberals, why don't you go out and earn it and give it away.
The economic system to which the authors seem to be referring has done more to create and redistribute wealth than any other system in history.
Sainsbury's and Wrap Cymru last year ran a "back-of-store" surplus food project at the Sainsbury's Cardiff Queen Street store, along with two local charities, to collect food and redistribute it directly to in-need residents.
But the Department for Local Government has decided to redistribute the money so it benefits some regions more than others.
The 5-year government plan intends to redistribute an area approximately twice the size Portugal, according to the AP.
When two or more dye molecules are close enough together, however, they redistribute this incoming energy among themselves and emit a color different from that of any individual molecule.