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redistribute quality and like the food eat at home Germain of Cymru "Any excess we then give to clients who might not have enough money.
It's a The food we redistribute is great quality and tastes just like the food you'd eat at home Sarah Germain of FareShare Cymru
It tackles what many experts have claimed is one of the major drawbacks of an individualized system of retirement provision, namely the inability of individualized accounts to redistribute resources.
FareShare Cymru South Wales receives good quality, in-date surplus food from manufacturers, producers and retail suppliers and then redistributes it to more than 45 local frontline charities and community groups.
In contrast, Nolte and his coworkers have developed a holographic film--really a semiconductor chip--that redistributes its internal electric fields in response to the split laser beam (SN: 1/8/94, p.
A CHARITY that redistributes edible food thrown away by retailers to those in poverty is coming to Cardiff.
The company redistributes text, images, and movies through its own computer network, which is independent of but connected to the Internet.
The initiative builds on the activity of Read International, which redistributes old text books to African countries that follow the same syllabus as the UK but suffer from a desperate lack of resources and teaching equipment.
Another answer might be to add a processing step that redistributes chromium into the zones where it's low.
He suggests that the corona, or hot outer atmosphere of the sun, somehow redistributes the magnetic field.