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Fareshare Cymru works with companies in the food and drink industry to redistribute edible food to community organisations working with disadvantaged people.
lanelogic is a Wall Street-inspired trade floor that redistributes vehicles from dealerships where they are not likely to sell, to dealerships where they will sell in 28 days or less for optimal profit.
This server redistributes this stream to several locations simultaneously where it can be viewed live on the expert's desktop, at any desktop location with an Intranet connection.
When these trailers are then emptied, TransMex monitors the equipment and redistributes the empties to another PGL client, Whirlpool de Mexico, in neighboring Apodaca," said Donna Ascencio, vice president sales & marketing.
NAEIR is a nonprofit organization that collects corporate product donations at its ten-acre warehouse in Galesburg, Illinois, and then redistributes those goods to 10,000 schools and charities across the United States.
KEWi is unique in the way it captures information and redistributes knowledge throughout an organization.
OTC BB: CMTX) is a dynamic business-to-business infomediary that aggregates and redistributes diverse real-time global news and information for the Internet, Wall Street and corporate reseller markets.
Number Pooling reclaims unused blocks of phone numbers and redistributes them among telecommunications providers.
The Pink Sheets are operated by the National Quotation Bureau, LLC, as a quotation service that collects and redistributes market maker quotes in OTC equity securities.