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We will strictly reject any attempt to introduce some permanent mechanism of redistributing refugees," Sobotka told reporters.
PHOTO (color) Lee Baca already is knee-deep in dramatic management changes that include pruning the top command structure and redistributing the $1.
The Smart Bed" is a pressure neutralizing bed using Flexpoint Bend Sensor(R) Technology to precisely identify areas of the body where high pressure skin contact is most vulnerable and redistributing pressure when and where needed.
By redistributing physician payments and controlling total expenditures, HCFA intends to manage Medicare payments for physician services more effectively than in the past.
Services will include receiving new procurements, redistributing orders, shipping, and handling maintenance turn-ins.
Companies redistributing the software as part of commercial products can also get the benefits of the open source software by purchasing a commercial license, which releases them from requirements to publish their source code.
Viavision will also be redistributing the CEOcast interview of September 5, 2002 on Monday, September 9, 2002.
Anyone else redistributing a modified version of Linux under the restrictive patent license that Yodaiken uses will also be violating the GPL.
Schools in India can benefit by redistributing free software to save on license fees", Stallman said.
It's just a matter of redistributing it to best serve our passengers.
is being proactive and redistributing its budgeted advertising funds to the Orange County Human Relations Commission, an organization that bridges people together and unites.