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Klein isn't an economist but a journalist, and she travels the world to find out firsthand what really happened on the ground during the privatization of Iraq, the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, the continuing Polish transition to capitalism and the years after the African National Congress took power in South Africa, when it failed to pursue the redistributionist policies enshrined in the Freedom Charter, its statement of core principles.
Stringham, Gonzalez, and Krishnan investigate whether redistributionist policies can be justified by using national Gini coefficients.
In that circle," Rorty writes, "American patriotism, redistributionist economics, anticommunism, and Deweyean pragmatism went together easily and naturally.
i) The redistributionist view: According to redistribution view, to which communists and leftists give weight, poverty and income inequality in society can be reduced through redistribution of resources.
At this time, a set of rulers who had been elected on radical free market policies were thrown off course by the oil crisis, and they turned into high-taxing redistributionist Keynesians who thought they could manage economies.
The vision that Rorty attempts to sell to the liberal democratic communities of the West involves a combination of unrestricted self-creation, the support of egalitarian political movements, and redistributionist economics.
The international redistributionist campaign known as the "New International Economic Order," of which the LOST was a key component, collapsed amid the socialist wreckage commonly known as the Third World.
be ideally placed to neutralise or marginalise the conservative forces in the social policy establishment, for those who sought to cling to the old high expenditure, bureaucratic, redistributionist welfare model would have nowhere else politically to go.
20) Neoconservatives liked to distinguish between the desire for equality of opportunity, which they favored, and the desire for equality of results, which they opposed, citing natural differences between people and the deleterious effects of attempting to redress them by redistributionist or other means.
And Wicksell, though a redistributionist, welcomed pro-innovation policies.
On the other, we have the Batista state which redistributes wealth as part of social policy--the redistributionist demagoguery of Cuban populism accompanied by real, if modest, reforms; recognition of labour unions; and restrictions on foreign capitalists who no longer tan act with the impunity of pre-1933.
In fact, in a strong property society there will be more needed resources available privately to everybody than in a redistributionist society, and this in a real sense reduces the power that the state is capable of exercising over one.