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Under explicit redistributionist policies, such higher, if not confiscatory, marginal tax rates would put little money in the pockets of the poor and would decrease the incentives for entrepreneurship.
It is in light of this possibility--that a redistributionist policy would have broad support if people understood the realities--that we should consider Armey's The Freedom Revolution.
The purpose of this study is to examine the nature of modern politics and provide a critique of the redistributionist impulse as seen by one of the premier political and economic thinkers of the twentieth century, Bertrand de Jouvenel.
Conceived at a time when it appeared to many that the redistributionist Democratic Party would control Congress indefinitely, the plan contains sharply progressive tax rates that would kick in at surprisingly low income levels.
Liberalism in the classical sense has been corrupted by "liberal democracy," which tends to be a very redistributionist regime.
For one thing, it recognizes the strategic function of redistributionist state policies.
postwar boom and the reemergence of Europe and Japan, the expansive monetary practices, wide-reaching economic regulation, and redistributionist taxing and spending born of the Great Depression and the war could no longer be sustained.
Johns and Ormerod explore a number of criticisms of this line of happiness research and its use in supporting redistributionist policies.
Social justice types must explain away the redistributionist antics of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
In his speech before the UN General Assembly, Bush publicly pledged full allegiance to the financial redistributionist schemes endorsed by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the legions of corrupt kleptocrats who populate the UN bureaucracy and run so many regimes of the UN's member states.
There's not much evidence to suggest that voters anywhere are ready to look beyond their immediate needs and vote, on the basis of a longer-term, communal need, for measures that can easily be smeared by opponents as just one more layer of government or as aggressively redistributionist.
Redistributionist activities exact a high price on the economies in which they occur, however.