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The long-term inertia of the PIT system in developing countries, combined with rising personal income or inflation, will slowly increase its redistributive effect despite the cost of decreasing progressivity.
To what extent did the Brazilian people support redistributive domestic policies, particularly agrarian and tax reforms, as recent works on public opinion in Goulart's Brazil have sustained?
"Progressive" politicians there had played the same redistributive game as Curley in Boston, with the same results.
We show that this result is robust across different redistributive questions as well as different data sets.
Notice, however, that the fading was preceded by a redistributive surge in the 1980s and early 1990s and after 1994 never returned to the lows of the early 1980s.
On the other hand, Venezuela's aggressive redistributive transfers under Hugo Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro, were financed by temporary oil revenues, placing both the transfers and macroeconomic stability at risk.
This paper focuses on individual redistributive preference, i.e., a person's preference for his or her government to redistribute wealth.
Taking advantage of these harmonized models, you can also see in this document a simulation exercise where the personal income tax of Uruguay (the most redistributive country) is applied in the other countries.
Many factors make it difficult to compare the redistributive effect of taxes and transfers across countries (differences in income concepts, the income units (summary) measures, equivalence adjustments and other factors).
Giving the banks a tax break, one idea floated to Executive by lawmakers and industry stakeholders as a means to pay for the PCH subsidy, is also not a redistributive mechanism.
This included his comments about state owned enterprises, redistributive state programmes and anti-corruption mechanisms.
In the last few years, redistributive policies have become more popular with both people and the political parties.