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However, as any exitus obtains its meaning in Platonism only as a counterpart of reditus, the immediacy sensed should be nothing if not rediscovered in the content of intellect.
Moreover, his reduction of all of her works to what he calls an itus, reditus pattern further narrows the scope of his study and leads in places to a distorted view of her religious outlook.
In the second double movement, reditus, the temporal procession of trinitarian persons, provides the reason for the return of creatures, the mission of persons bringing creatures back to their source in God.
Et ideo oportet ut per eadem quibus est exitus a principio, et reditus in finem attendatur.
25 March 2011 - The political crisis in Portugal may affect the capital increase of home IT company Reditus (ELI:RED), CEO Frederico Moreira Rato admitted.
The authors outline Albert's Dionysian language of exitus and reditus and its influence over his student, Aquinas.
From the welter of beliefs and ideals, the best rationale, says Ratzinger, is the theory of exitus and reditus (going forth and returning) and its greatest exponent is the pagan philosopher Plotinus, who lived in Rome in the second century.
It is a shame that in this context nowhere in the collection is there a discussion of one the most spectacular--but much overlooked--examples of lineage through both parents providing irreproachable blessings on an heir: Louis VIII's "direct" descent from Charlemagne through both his father's and mother's family lines, as contemporaries enthused in the Reditus regni ad stirpem Karolini Regni, and in Gilles de Paris's Karolinus, a girl to the young prince.
How does one, for example, read the filioque into a model of the Trinity in which the Father and Son bestow the Holy Spirit upon each other, this being the framework by which one understands the exitus and reditus of all things relative to God in the economy of creation and redemption?
Nogueira's earlier collection action, none of Minex, Reditus, IKV or Grupo Zubillaga has provided the necessary funds or made the required payments.
Home Energy and their integrator Reditus, for the new Business Management system which supports Home Energy's Energy Certification and Energy Micro-generation business processes for the housing market.
21 March 2011 - Portugal's lender Millennium bcp (ELI:BCP) will take part in the capital hike of local firm Reditus (ELI:RED) by investing EUR15m (USD21.