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AS THE MARKET FOR Internet access continues to consolidate and redivide, coming up with a meaningful list of the state's largest Internet service providers becomes more difficult.
If the riser height is too short, redivide "X" by 8 and start again.
The legislatures in those states will need to redivide their states into more Congressional districts, or fewer.
In the years since, Israelis have expanded Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem, making it harder to find a way to redivide the city.
As you know, many courts have not insisted on learning the financial arrangements but have simply given a kind of "block grant" to a firm or a particular lawyer, who may then redivide it.
It was this monopolisation that led to the first world war and Germany's attempt to redivide world markets.
The territorial legislature had gone so far as to pass a law inviting Congress to redivide the original Northwest Territory into three rather than two parts, with the evident intention of preventing the existence of any single area with a population large enough to qualify for statehood.
The conservative case for using NATO enlargement to redivide Europe thus crumbles under scrutiny.
The many discrepancies in their codings led us to reexamine the 78 statements, redivide the reflections into 93 distinct comments, and further refine the groupings from six to five themes.
Since board control is a key issue in this investigation, we redivide the sample into those firms with insiders and affiliated board members controlling 50% or more of the board and those with less than 50%.
They are minor, and / or consequential to the decision to redivide ten books into twelve.