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In the studio decorated like the inside of a candy box, with "material" scalloping the mantel shelf and doilies placed under every moveable object, now thus made immoveable, with streamers of white ribbons and nosegays of pink and white Maman Cochet roses and the last MacLain sweetpeas dividing and redividing the room, it was as hot as fire.
8) That is, it is not simply the application of science and technology which characterizes this new order, but the real subsumption of labour, its social scale and dimensions (pervasive and world-wide), redividing world labour into the population and the surplus population necessary to its continued expansion.
When there were no machines increasing productivity or technologies redividing the labor, when the product itself underwent no physical transformation to speak of but became a commodity in every respect, industrial production could only be organized through a proper manipulation of the extant organization of society.
What can be gained by redividing Europe (into NATO haves and have-nots), encouraging rearmament among the NATO freshmen and alienating Russia?
To the Israelis, the idea of redividing the city is unacceptable for two reasons.
With echoes of a Maoism long dead in China, Americans stress equality over progress - redividing the pie, rather than enlarging it.
Searching for a new and workable approach, WMX reorganized several times, dividing and redividing, laying people off in the process.
He whistled piccolos and warbled transverse flutes, singing, shouting, waving about like a madman, being in himself dancer and ballerina, singer and prima donna, all of them together and the whole orchestra, the whole theater; then redividing himself into twenty separate roles, running, stopping, glowing at the eyes like one possessed, frothing at the mouth.
Increasing the number of parliamentary seats and redividing them to reflect the current sizes of Lebanon's fifteen sects may address some group demands, but it fails to take individual rights into account.
The redividing of books for Paradise Lost may be part of a wider Virgilianizing.
They were, however, a short-term phenomenon, for while they let top management start the restructuring or redividing process, contradictions arose because too much information was too decentralized compared to the centralized control management had with mainframe computers.
Zippers open its three shelves Knocking out interior walls and redividing space gave this kitchen remodel a feeling of spaciousness while creating new access to the floor above.