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note 35, at 283 ("Because the redivision of the claim [into more
The change in CEO was due to 'redivision of function,' the company said without elaborating further.
Growth declined and unemployment and inflation increased, A massive restructuring of the world economy began to gather pace; resulting in job losses and factory closures, the introduction of new products, technologies and labour processes, and a geographical redivision of labour.
(13.) Sergei Ivanov, "Russia Must Be Strong," Wall Street Journal, 11 January 2006, 14; Vladimir Mukhin, "The Redivision of Eurasia," Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 4 December 2006, 1-2; and "Meeting with Permanent Members of the Security Council," 21 March 2014, http://eng
The Yemeni government has also become increasingly hostile to Tehran in the face of increasingly obvious Iranian support not only to the quasi-Shia Houthi rebels but also to the frankly Sunni Southern Mobility Movement advocating for the redivision of the Yemeni state.
would lead to a redivision of property, power and administrative
At heart, this is a story of division and redivision. Starting in the 1950s, Protestant conversions began to break the monopoly of the traditional syncretistic religion among Chenalho's Tzotzil Mayas.
(32) They could become so again if the current conjuncture of pressures on the working class generates novel ideas about how to solve unemployment through a redivision of total social labour time.
1974) (intent shown when the companies that held the land were, according to their charters, formed for the purpose of subdividing and developing land and plans for the redivision of the land were completed and approved, despite any actual subdivision).
The Equatoria Region government had inherited the land and physical assets of the Southern Regional government in Juba following redivision. (19) After the CPA, in the spirit of 'South--South reconciliation', the SPLM integrated the institutions of the Bahr el Jebel state government in Juba into the framework of GoSS without significant modification.
In this way Nimeiri unilaterally proclaimed redivision of the South in June 1983 to the consternation of even his foreign sympathizers." (Garang (1987, p22).
In Peru and Bolivia, ethnic politicians are demanding a redivision of the national wealth with the "indigenous peoples" receiving shares more commensurate with their superior numbers.