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Reliving the humiliation of the defeat of his idealistic fool's errand of ever supporting Cola so wholeheartedly, he is reminded of how much he risked at the time to go to Rome to take his place alongside his latter-day Brutus, his Scipio redivivus.
Mass produced nematodes Panagrellus redivivus as live food for rearing carp larvae: preliminary results.
La ricezione dei miti ovidiani nella Commedia," in Ovidius redivivus.
WOLF, JOHANN (1710) Manichaeismus ante Manichaeos et in Christianismo redivivus, sive tractatus historico-philosophicus.
3567 NOTES Dpr of the 1911 Tiskem Spolecnosti (Moravia) edition AUTHOR Comenius, Jan Amos (1592-1670) TITLE Diogenes cynicus redivivus URL http://www.
From an anomymous biography Guzman Redivivus, published soon after his execution, we know that Chaloner was born somewhere in Warwickshire in the 1660s, the son of a weaver.
That work, rejected by the publishers in 1815, was "Lyford Redivivus," an etymological dictionary of Christian names; Edward Lyford had published his similar project in 1655.
In one of their interviews, they confront the Orestes redivivus with a detailed reconstruction of the murder, suggesting that his mother bared her breast to remind him of her breastfeeding and to soften him (887), and, although Aue scores a rhetorical point by saying that he was allergic to his mother's milk (see also 343), the allusion is obvious: In the Choephoroi, Clytaemestra appeals to Orestes: "Hold, my son.
Ballor's book is Ramsey redivivus on this point, but it is meant to extend it and claim its relevance for a new time with new materials illustrative of the problem.
But we must also recognise that not every advocate of slowing down population growth was a prejudicial Malthus redivivus.
In a 1928 essay titled "Euphues Redivivus," Aldous Huxley compared Ros's style to that of John Lyly.
Accion depredadora in vitro de ocho aislados de hongos contra el nematodo Panagrellus redivivus.