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By the way, Judge Richard Posner, who might be called Jeremy Bentham redivivus, accepts just this view of rape in his Sex and Reason.
Tiepolo was influenced by the work of 16th-century master Paolo Veronese, particularly in his use of sumptuous often anachronistic costumes, and was often called Veronese redivivus (a new Veronese) (4).
At the Ostel, it's the GDR redivivus, with each room carefully recreated to evoke memories of arbitrary arrest and travel restrictions, using period furniture.
While many remember Tertullian's pointed remarks, fewer are likely to be familiar with a Tertullian redivivus, the medieval friar Jacopone da Todi, long considered the author of the beautiful Latin hymn about Mary, the Stabat Mater.
Was Armidale simply to be an annexe to the Irish District, as already was the mission in South Africa, or was it to be first step in the development of a District of Nantes redivivus in the Antipodes?
No personal or academic library's "Latin Poetry Studies" collection can be considered complete or comprehensive without the inclusion of Estelle Haan's Vergilius Redivivus.
The old-style unthinking Washington Consensus about development may be merely a virtual death, with a liberal peace redivivus emerging from the ashes.
64-77) starts with Petronius' nickname "Arbiter" and highlights the legal terminology that can be found throughout the Satyrica, and then takes us through the tales, by an unnamed author, found in the medieval Petronius Redivivus, all of which are concerned with law, judgement, and punishment.
glycines; a potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis; and the free-living (nonparasitic) Panagrellus redivivus.
Sampey: Samuel Redivivus," and Expositor 63 0966): 459-68.
A similarly problematic view of women comes in "Solomon Redivivus, 1886" a third poem in "Evolutional Erotics" with a male speaker.
The whole question of Frederick II (and a future Frederick), discussed of course in such standard works as Norman Cohn's Pursuit of the Millennium of 1957, is considered, although it is interesting that there were relatively few claimants for the last Emperor, either a Frederick or indeed a Karl redivivus, especially in contrast with another prophecy here considered, that of the Angelic Pope.