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The free-living nematodes Panagrellus redivivus were cultured in a dark room into Petri dishes containing distilled water and oat bran for seven days, at room temperature (25 [degrees]C).
(6.) Wilfrid Mellers, "Jean Wiener redivivus," Tempo 170 (September 1989): 24-29.
Panagrellus redivivus cultures used in this study were obtained from the Live Feed Laboratory of Aquaculture Department, Faculty of Aquatic Sciences, Istanbul University.
Nematodo de vida libre Panagrellus redivivus (Goodey, 1945): Una alternativa para la alimentacion inicial de larvas de peces y crustaceos.
(5.) June Schlueter, "Martin Droeshout Redivivus: Reassessing the Folio Engraving of Shakespeare," Shakespeare Survey 60 (2007): 247.
Reliving the humiliation of the defeat of his idealistic fool's errand of ever supporting Cola so wholeheartedly, he is reminded of how much he risked at the time to go to Rome to take his place alongside his latter-day Brutus, his Scipio redivivus. In the process, he ended up putting a lot of strain on his relationship with the Colonna family, as noted above, especially Giovanni Colonna, of whom he continues to speak with great familial fondness right up to the end of his life in his letter to posterity, the Posteritati, found at the end of the Seniles.
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He begins by reviewing cynicism in antiquity, then offers close readings of elegant expedience in Machiavelli's Il Principe (~1513), acute concinnity in Graci[sz]n's Or[sz]culo manuel y arte de prudencia (1647), a "Diogenes redivivus" in Diderot's Le Neveu de Rameau (~1774/1805/1891), and beyond morality or cynicism in Nietzsche's Nachgelassene Fragmente (1884-89).
We can call it "Mill's test of radicalism" or in short "Mill's test." It can be found in his 1833 article on Junius Redivivus:
Praising First Things, the distinguished English sociologist David Martin wrote in the pages of the London Times Literary Supplement (June 22-28, 1990) that Neuhaus was "a Niebuhr redivivus."
But the emperor's intrepidity and valor were a public relations ploy to make him over into Alexander the Great redivivus. "Such are the circumstances of this ostentatious and improbable relation, dictated, as it too plainly appears, by the vanity of the monarch, adorned by the unblushing servility of his flatterers, and received without contradiction by a distant and obsequious senate." Elsewhere, reviewing the fantastic stories told about Richard Fs exploits in the Crusades and summoning up the heroes of Renaissance epics and chivalric romances, Gibbon asks himself: "Am I writing the history of Orlando or Amadis?
Mass produced nematodes Panagrellus redivivus as live food for rearing carp larvae: preliminary results.