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Rather than redoing Tomorrowland into the latest vision of what will be, the company went back to the future, in some cases by a few hundred years, to tomorrows incarnated by the works of H.
Redoing: Redoing is a way of repeating what one liked as a child.
Besides building seven schools, the bonds were to help pay for refurbishing Manzanita, Juniper, Tamarisk and Yucca by upgrading fire alarms, repairing asphalt playgrounds and redoing roofs.
While redoing the environmental report, the developer saw a chance to improve the golf course.
The actress is redoing the main bathroom of her nearly 50-year-old Sherman Oaks home.
Of all remodeling jobs, redoing a bathroom or kitchen can be the two most disruptive jobs.
The bathroom renovation follows in the string of other projects at Callan's home, including redoing her office.