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He quickly entered the small reception room with its still-unplastered wooden walls redolent of pine, and would have gone farther, but Anton ran ahead on tiptoe and knocked at a door.
And with several texts of Scripture, misquoted or misapplied, and religious exclamations so redolent of the ludicrous in the style of delivery and manner of bringing in, if not in the expressions themselves, that I decline repeating them, she withdrew; tossing her large head in high good-humour--with herself at least--and left me hoping that, after all, she was rather weak than wicked.
A great grease-spot, redolent of manures and buttermilk
He was redolent of the stables, where he had been regaling himself with the company of his fellow-creatures the horses ever since breakfast.
From horizon to zenith all was couleur de rose, for all was redolent of our relations and friends.
His opinion, when he expressed it, was given in his usual downright manner, and was agreeably redolent of the most positive philosophy I know-- the philosophy of the Betteredge school.
The child carried in a sling by the laden peasant woman toiling home, was quieted with picked-up grapes; the idiot sunning his big goitre under the leaves of the wooden chalet by the way to the Waterfall, sat Munching grapes; the breath of the cows and goats was redolent of leaves and stalks of grapes; the company in every little cabaret were eating, drinking, talking grapes.
Who could continue to exist where there are no cows but the cows on the chimney-pots; nothing redolent of Pan but pan-tiles; no crop but stone crop?
If the peace of the simple village had moved the child more strongly, because of the dark and troubled ways that lay beyond, and through which she had journeyed with such failing feet, what was the deep impression of finding herself alone in that solemn building, where the very light, coming through sunken windows, seemed old and grey, and the air, redolent of earth and mould, seemed laden with decay, purified by time of all its grosser particles, and sighing through arch and aisle, and clustered pillars, like the breath of ages gone
Nonetheless some of the criticism of our Mayor is redolent of children stamping their feet and saying to their parents "It's not fair
He was saturated in the amenities of the lower mathematics, and was redolent of old-world trigonometry.
From the wooden geometric structures included in early Arte Povera exhibitions to his most recent four-wheeled aluminum constructions, Piacentino's large-scale minima I sculptures, with their slick, often polycoated or enameled surfaces, are redolent of prototypes for aerodynamic machines.