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"But how can I send him away, since I have given him a rendezvous?" observed the prince, impatient to measure swords with so redoubtable an antagonist.
Achmet Zek recognized the latter as the redoubtable enemy of such as he, and he saw, too, in the circumstance an opportunity to rid himself forever of the menace of the ape-man's presence.
But White Fang, uncompanionable, solitary, morose, scarcely looking to right or left, redoubtable, forbidding of aspect, remote and alien, was accepted as an equal by his puzzled elders.
(being jealous) were on the side of the disappointed tragedian; so that the latter formed a little group about the redoubtable Mr Lenville, and the former looked on at a little distance in some trepidation and anxiety.
Why, what the dickens has come to the fellow?" said the old gentleman, as Laurie came running downstairs and brought up with a start of surprise at the astounding sight of Jo arm in arm with his redoubtable grandfather.
Noirtier, the redoubtable, was the next morning `poor M.
SIR, What a shambles - which the redoubtable Emily Maitlis couldn't bring to order!
The closest game, apart from the 1975 final, was the semi-final of the 1996 tournament when the Aussies staged a dramatic comeback to recover from 15-4 to post 207-8 and then restrict West Indies to 202 all out with the redoubtable Shane Warne taking 4-36 after they had been 1652-2 at one stage.
I FEEL that I must reply to the redoubtable S T Vaughan who, I understand from his letter, considers himself hard done by when expected to pay a fee in order to recover his own money from the ATM.
The topics include whether Kitchener or Lloyd George was the architect of victory, the Commonwealth contribution to victory on the Western Front, redoubtable adversary: Bolshevik catastrophe and Imperial Russia's forgotten role in the achievement of Allied victory, the Middle East: from coalition-oriented to imperial-oriented strategy, loss and devastation: the costs of the Great War, and Britain and the post-war settlement.
ANT and Dec, the redoubtable Geordie duo, are more associated with comedy, but Ant now has a life-sized drama - in rehab.
The writer-director was in Beirut for the opening days of the Beirut International Film festival, escorting his latest feature "Redoubtable" through its Arab world premiere.