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observed the prince, impatient to measure swords with so redoubtable an antagonist.
Achmet Zek recognized the latter as the redoubtable enemy of such as he, and he saw, too, in the circumstance an opportunity to rid himself forever of the menace of the ape-man's presence.
But White Fang, uncompanionable, solitary, morose, scarcely looking to right or left, redoubtable, forbidding of aspect, remote and alien, was accepted as an equal by his puzzled elders.
being jealous) were on the side of the disappointed tragedian; so that the latter formed a little group about the redoubtable Mr Lenville, and the former looked on at a little distance in some trepidation and anxiety.
said the old gentleman, as Laurie came running downstairs and brought up with a start of surprise at the astounding sight of Jo arm in arm with his redoubtable grandfather.
Noirtier, the redoubtable, was the next morning `poor M.
A wonderful tribute to Jean-Luc Godard, Redoubtable has been adapted from a biography of the celebrated auteur penned by his former wife, Anne Wiazemsky.
Described by the redoubtable LFC History website as "quite possibly the greatest goalkeeper in Liverpool's history", the Ulsterman's Anfield career spanned an incredible 22 years, but 83 years after his last game, even Premier League era fans have heard of him.
No matter how redoubtable La Salle appears, two of the longest tenured coaches in the UAAP believes the mighty Green Archers are not invincible.
Valiantly holding it altogether is the redoubtable Rebecca Ferguson.
I read that a regional campaign for us to leave the EU is being chaired by the redoubtable John Elliott, who, as you point out, "fronted the successful fight against a North East Assembly in 2004".
Shinnie scored the winner, Novak threatened most of the night and Robinson turned in a typically redoubtable performance.