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It will also redound to improved business practices and usher in the region's readiness to absorb the economic benefits of the emerging knowledge economy," Liboro told the event participants.
The DOH will be monitoring drug prices to ensure that VAT exemption on medicine will redound to more affordable prices to consumers," Duque said.
Ernesto Guiang, chief of party of the Protect Wildlife Project, said the 5-year, US$24-million project aims to reduce threats to biodiversity, reduce poaching or use of illegally harvested wildlife and wildlife products and improve relevant ecosystem goods and services that redound to increased wildlife conservation and human well-being.
Early on Wednesday, Murad had said that: "As a principle, we are not against exploitation of our natural resources including oil and gas provided that they redound to the benefits of our people and should be done in the proper time and conditions.
He said that the removal of commission and improvement of professional standards, which will take effect by July 2012, should redound to Australian investors getting the best financial advice available instead of being lured to products pushed by financial advisers who are after their incentives and commissions.
This extremely unedifying affair does not redound to the credit of the French president.
There is little doubt that greater competition would redound to the advantage of consumers, although some of the remedies available to policy makers are curiously low priority.
Pag-IBIGs achievements redound to the advantage of Pag-IBIG members, a stronger Pag-IBIG fund means more benefits for Pag-IBIG members, including the low interest rate for housing loans, Moti concluded.
According to Concepcion Mayor Andres Lacson, their newly installed solar power systems would redound to pared budget in their electricity bill payments.
If at its moment of triumph after years of destructive struggle, which has so far cost over 70,000 lives, the Sri Lankan government could show magnanimity and give international negotiators one last chance to go in and try to get the Tigers to surrender, it would redound to its credit, both in the world and among many Tamils.
Let's all hope and pray that this serial exposure and comeuppance will redound to a much less predatory and exploitative entertainment industry in 2018-and beyond.