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sanctions arguably redound to Iran's benefit, because they strengthen the leadership and are largely toothless, not touching, for example, its energy sector.
He said that the removal of commission and improvement of professional standards, which will take effect by July 2012, should redound to Australian investors getting the best financial advice available instead of being lured to products pushed by financial advisers who are after their incentives and commissions.
The Iraqi government will pay out an estimated $50 billion to foreign companies to develop its oil resources in coming years, but the vast majority of Iraq's oil wealth will redound to the benefit of Iraqis, rebuilding the nation from years of profligacy and neglect under Saddam Hussein and the effects of the U.S.
Having mis-controlled, he side stepped a challenge to hit a powerful 22-yard drive that Wayne Guthrie could only parry and John Flood pounced on the redound.
When a man who ran as a moderate conservative governs from the far right after winning an election he has arguably lost, when he lies about the reasons for launching a war and then criminally bungles the management of that war in such a way that it will redound to the country's disadvantage for at least a generation, I think folks are entitled to be miffed.
US Airways' close relationship with Airbus, which traces to long before the manufacturer helped fund the airline's exit from bankruptcy, could redound to Airbus's benefit.
The message here should resound with corporate executives and redound to their benefit.
This practice, of course, did not redound to the benefit of the women or children.
While I would have preferred reference to "anti-Jewish" rather than "anti-Semitism" as I still consider "Semitic" to refer to language and physical appearance not religion, perhaps the much-widened definition and its wider use may redound to the advantage of Christianity too, in the longer run.
His policy of increasing the fees paid by university students at Cardiff and elsewhere will redound to his acute discredit.
The significant reduction of harmful particulates and black smoke from the buses will redound to the benefit of all Bostonians, but especially to asthmatic children, seniors, and others with respiratory problems.