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The series has included celebrities from all fields and redounds great credit on David Alton who holds the May Makin Chair of Citizenship at JMU.
And just as the expansion of competitive goods and services redounds to the welfare of consumers by engendering continuing gains in efficiency, the more that providers compete on the basis of integrated episodes of care for populations of insured lives, the more efficiency will be engendered to attract those patients.
Thus Jewish criticism of Israel redounds to the benefit of authoritarian Arab regimes who control much of the world's oil.
If I have to perform some action to survive or to advance my prosperity, it is a misuse of language to speak of that action as benevolent even if it redounds to the benefit of others.
To the extent that a benefit redounds to the leader's (or member's) company, the benefit is qu
The bill redounds to the full benefits of government against wastage, political identification and patronage that creates an atmosphere of social dissonance among constituents," Castelo emphasized.
rare earth mining company directly into the Chinese supply chain will greatly contribute to open transparent trade and market-based prices which redounds to everyone's benefit.
These works, held behind sheets of glass with L-pins, are so spare that the space of the gallery redounds insistently: Floor scuffs and stains, ceiling beams, and electrical outlets positively glare.
Although Albanact is ultimately avenged, this shoemaker's holiday is not one that redounds to the glory of the crown, for it commemorates instead the ignominious death of a prince.
The protagonist's absorbing communion with the environment redounds in the triumph of Biamonti's esthetic: the invention of the literary equivalent of the impressionistic brushstroke.
Through superior internal communications strategies among brand and product teams, top companies create a well-controlled "message cascade" that redounds throughout the company at key milestones in preparation for strong market entry.