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Compensation for injuries sustained; recovery or restitution for harm or injury; damages or equitable relief. Access to the courts to gain Reparation for a wrong.


verb adjust, aid, allay, alleviate, appease, atone, change, compensare, compensate, correct, cure, ease, expiate, fix, heal, help, improve, make amends, make good, make reparation, make up for, mend, pacify, palliate, propitiate, put right, readjust, rectify, relieve, remedy, repair, restituere, restore, right, satisfy, set right
Associated concepts: legal redress
See also: adjust, award, collection, compensate, contribution, cure, disbursement, equity, fix, habeas corpus, help, indemnification, justice, payment, recompense, recourse, recovery, rectify, reform, reimburse, reimbursement, remedy, remunerate, renew, repair, reparation, repent, requital, resolve, restitution, restore, return, satisfaction, trover

REDRESS. The act of receiving satisfaction for an injury sustained. For the mode of obtaining redress, vide Remedies 1 Chit. Pr. Annal. Table.

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at 599 (discussing Article III standing and stating that "[a]s a general matter the interest of the federal taxpayer in seeing that Treasury funds are spent in accordance with the Constitution does not give rise to the kind of redressable 'personal injury' required for Article III standing") (emphasis added).
The court thus concluded that N&M had not suffered any injury redressable by law.
They have argued that, if plaintiffs cannot show that their injury is redressable by the particular governmental entity sued, then their case should be dismissed.
Added Walton, "And, even if the plaintiffs could establish such an injury, they have failed to demonstrate how the harm they allege is redressable by the relief they seek, or that the Court has any legal authority to award the relief requested.
demonstrate individual, quantifiable, and redressable injury have
Allen is essentially correct in holding that: "Crime is crime because it consists in wrongdoing which directly and in serious degree threatens the security or well-being of society, and because it is not safe to leave it redressable only by compensation of the party injured.
A basic tenet of American jurisprudence is that in order for a wrong to be addressed there must be an injury, caused by a specific defendant, and the injury must be redressable.
3) For a party to have standing, three elements must be satisfied: (1) the party must have suffered an injury in fact, (2) the injury must be fairly traceable to the actions of the defendant, and (3) the injury must be redressable by a favorable decision.
The Ninth Circuit left the door open in Lombera-Camorlinga: "We do not decide whether a violation of Article 36 may be redressable by more common judicial remedies such as damages or equitable relief.
advisory committee, notes that the committee sought "the problems in class action litigation that are redressable by rule," and that it has been studying different aspects of mass torts and class actions since 1991.
The technical rules of American standing doctrine require that plaintiffs suffer direct, individuated and redressable harms before they can invoke the power of federal courts to vindicate claims of constitutional rights.
This condition is redressable, and informs Aboriginal initiatives such as the outstation movement and the land rights movement.